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Difference between Bohemian and Gypsy Clothing

You will always have those who are countercultural, eccentric, and different from normal societal standards and rules. Folks like this express this behavior even in their fashion style and clothing. This ideology was what gave birth to the bohemian as well as gypsy fashion styles that celebrates the free spirit that is not confined or restricted in any way.

The similarities between both are so much that the line of difference has been obscured such that many do not realize that they aren’t the same thing. Hence, we have certain terms like “bohemian gypsy clothing” which merges both fashion styles into one. You can visit Aura to learn how to merge both styles into one.

Unlike other innocent folks who don’t know much about the difference between these clothing styles, we do. These fashions when looked at sometimes may even be in opposition when it comes to style as well as cultural history. Therefore, in this article, we will reveal the difference between bohemian and gypsy clothing.

Bohemian Clothing

To fully grasp the concept and the idea behind this style, a trip down history will certainly go a long way. It began with the advent of free-thinking and those who felt that their artistic nature should not be inhibited in any way but rather find expression. This is why the style does not have any restrictions making it unconventional.

It is a common notion that the bohemian culture is not is controlled or dictated by societal constructs, expectations and norms. Hence, the clothing of individuals with this ideology is just an expression of this belief.


The word “Bohemian” itself was gotten from the French word “bohemian” towards the end of the 19th century. This French word described Romani gypsies in those days that came from the region of Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Hence, you can see why many believe that the bohemian and gypsy fashion to be the same because of this little bit of origin.

The Romani Gypsies in those days were seen as countercultural because they refused to settle in a particular location but chose the nomadic lifestyle of moving from place to place. They also rejected other societal norms.

Due to this, the bohemian style is a fashion that draws its clothing inspiration from several cultural influences due to the original nomadic life of the Romani gypsies. One thing that is common among this style is that the materials used for the clothing are all-natural, in other words, they are gotten from mother Earth herself.

Furthermore, the clothing is always loosely fitted which is a sign of the freedom the ideology presents. The materials used are also light and airy such as linen or cotton. The nature of the materials is to ensure that the wearer is as comfortable as possible.

The popularity of this fashion increased in the 1960s thanks to the hippie movement. Visit to learn more about the history of the hippie movement.

Gypsy Clothing

While the similarities are much as you can see from above, the gypsy style is somewhat different. Some of the main distinguish in pop culture and characterized by skirts that are long, flowered, loosely fitted, and brightly colored. This is then further accessorized with jangly jewels of silver or gold.

The history behind this fashion is that the gypsies who we earlier identified as the Roma or Romanis came originally from the Northwest part of India. Click here to learn more about the Roma. However, they were compelled to move as a result of the Arabic tribes’ arrival during 800 – 1000 AD.

They eventually migrated further towards East Asia, England, North America, and Eastern Europe, where they became the modern-day gypsies’ ancestors. As we said earlier, the gypsies were considered outcasts by the European society of the time as a result of their heavy accessorizing with silver and gold.

Choosing between Bohemian or Gypsy Clothing

At the end of the day, what most folks want is to know which fashion is the best for them? Well, due to the similarities between both, we cannot say for sure. However, both are great for anyone who wants to embody the free spirit and artistic creativity within them. 


In the article above, we have discussed the difference between bohemian and gypsy clothing which is the heavy accessories of golden or silver jangly jewels by the latter.

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