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Tips to Spot a Bad Neighborhood When House Shopping

Buying a house is not only all about the amenities and design offered by it but also about the kind of neighborhood that it comes with. Many people tend to only look for the perfect home for their family and overlooking one of the major aspects that affect us as people – those that surround the house, in this case, the neighborhood.

Justin Wolfers once stated in his article for NY Times that, “It has long been clear that children from troubled neighborhoods have worse outcomes as adults. But it has been much harder to disentangle whether these neighborhoods cause the later disadvantage, or whether the hardships that lead families to bad neighborhoods are the problem.”

Technically, we need to assess whether the neighborhood will be good for our family and us before cashing out for our dream house. Halton Real Estate can also help you assess the better neighborhood for you. The bigger question, though, is how do we spot a bad neighborhood when house shopping? The following tips and signs may help you in your assessment:

No proper waste disposal system

It is very important that we take into our first priority the cleanliness of the neighborhood as this affects greatly our well-being and health. If garbage piles up in such an area, then consider it a red flag, especially if it is left there for a long time.

High crime rates

Buying a home ensures our safety from harmful forces. These include natural disasters and manmade ones. It is inevitable to predict natural disasters, however, we can assess the safe environment of a place through its manmade disasters, which usually resulted from crimes and the like. If a neighborhood is known for murder, burglar among others, then shy away from this place even if your dream home is situated here.

Difficult access to goods and services

Unless you are planning to live away from everyone, then considering the access to your needs, such as food, clothing, medicine, etc is very important. It will be a hassle to drive down miles and miles to only to get groceries. Make sure that your home is situated in an area where you can easily buy anything you need even when a disaster strikes.

Many dilapidated and abandoned houses

Having too many dilapidated and abandoned houses in an area only says one thing: people leave this neighborhood because there is something bad about it. Who knows, you might end up leaving, as well? Then, you wasted time, effort, and money.

Neglected public infrastructures and facilities

An area with neglected public infrastructures and facilities means that those who are in power to manage them do not care about the welfare of their constituents. And would you like to be part of the society wherein the officials do not bat an eye to your needs? Most likely, not!

Unattended kids roaming around

Usually, neighborhoods have a daycare facility wherein kids can be left when parents go to work. However, if such a neighborhood does not have a daycare facility, kids left unattended at home can roam around and cause problems. Although kids are adorable at such an age, they can do anything without thinking of a result, therefore, some time someday this can cause you more trouble than joy.

Many abandoned animals

Abandoned animals can be a problem. Dogs and cats that are left on the streets may bite anybody that comes their way. Those pets who turned into being wild again for the sake of survival will most likely cause a lot of problems. Therefore, always check for animal shelters in the neighborhood. 

These are only a few of the things you need to look at in a neighborhood when you are about to buy a house. Remember that, sometimes, it is not only about that piece of land and house that you are about to buy. It is about the whole package that comes with it – from the people that live in the area to the amenities and services it offers.

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