Poetry and Prose: Notes About Love

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

             "How are you?"
my subconscious asked
        "Perhaps, in love,"
     my heart responded.
           "Save yourself!"
        my brain shouted.

          "He saved me,"
      my soul countered.


             My heart wrings
on memories reminisced;
                My soul bares
the person I am missing;

Love has always been cruel
to the hopeless romantic;

      Yet I drowned myself
in the idea of you and me.


Write about me, he says.
Tell me! 
How do we write about the people 
who took us away by storm 
where no amount of words could define 
the impact they made 
and the footprints they engraved in our lives?


"Have you been in love?"
It is one of those intriguing questions people 
and even we ask ourselves at some point in our lives.

"Have I been in love?"
"Did I experience love in its most real and truest form?" 
"If I did, when was it?"
"If I do, how could I say I am?"

I have yet to phrase my answer to all of those questions. 
They will be in hefty papers, blogs and inks. 
Words will flow endlessly 
like how we give our everything to the people we love.

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