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Happy 7th Anniversary!

Seven years ago today, my blogger sister Cei, gave this domain name to me. It was the first ever domain name I owned so I was ecstatic. I have so much love for blogging ever since.

It started as an online platform wherein I share about anything I like. Then, I moved to love beauty and fashion; and it manifested in the change of the ways I posted in this blog. Then, I lost my interest in having to always do OOTD, I switched this blog again to an online journal - from my fashion journey to travels.

Today, I am celebrating it's 7th anniversary. Although I started to blog in 2007, this blog remained to be my most favorite and most updated. As I wanted to change the domain name, I can't leave it simply because it has a value of no other for me.

Anyway, if you have been reading my blog, thank you for doing so. There may be days that I don't update for the simple reason that I am lazy; but, rest assured that I will always keep coming back.

Having said so, here's to more blogging years ahead!

Love lots!

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