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Cebu Day 1 Afternoon

You can read Cebu Day 1 Morning entry here.

And I am back for another Cebu post. Actually, you'll grow tired of my posts about Cebu, but don't fret. I will be alternating posts next time. I just had problem with what to post today.

Our daily itinerary is jampacked. You can tell by how many events we manage to pull off during a day in every half-day entry I am going to post. That's why every post is gonna be a feast of photos.

It seems that my blog is now more of a travel blog than a fashion blog. Oh well. Just bear with me. Just look at our outfits. We wore corporate attires for two days. So, that might feed the fashion geek in both of us. hihi

After lunch, we headed out to watch 4D movie at Crown Regency. We watched Escape from Bane Manor. The plot sucked big time. Let the 4d effects compensate for the poor plot. It's like a movie made for the effects alone and not the storyline.

Here's a view from the hotel/theatre. Spectacular, isn't it?

We're next in line.

Me with the 3d glasses. I don't know about you but I really don't like 3d or 4d movie. It caused me dizziness and headache.

However, I was amazed at the part where there were rats. Like, I can feel rat tails at my feet. asdfghjkl!!! *spoiler alert*

After watching the movie, we had to wait for the next batch to finish.

As expected, I camho a little. Well, probably not. There are tons of elevator mirror photos in my harddrive than it is in this blog. :)

Not alone being a camho girl.

Meet my oldest and most cherished college friends. They're super pretty and kind. Not to mention, super brilliant in class as well.

After all the movie stuff, we went to Taoist temple. It's not my first time in Cebu, but it sure is my first at the Taoist Temple.

And there's a funny story during the busride to the temple. On our way, there is this ranch of horses. The tour guide told us that there is a free horseback ride there. I was really astonished and excited to go out and ride one. Then, he mocked at us saying that the free ride is for the horses to ride at our backs. Dang! I was really angry at that joke. I mean, how can he burst the bubble of my excitement?!

Remember the dragon from Mulan, Wushu? Well, he's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this.

Me at an incredibly beautiful wall.

I personally think that Chinese people are the most artistic architects. I mean, look at the temple. It's just so captivating.

Funny face. I guess. Or ugly lame face.

With a very large dragon. I look like a miniature mammal.

The best thing in the temple - the roofs.

Look at the artistry.

My vain friend and partner in camwhoring.

Edited this a bit and made it my facebook timeline cover photo. I can tell that everyone loves the photo including me. I want a wall like that in my house.

Another shot.

Two dragons and a mini tower/pagoda.

After Taoist Temple, we went to SGV Cebu located along Ayala Center at Cebu Business Center.

Aninee and I at our chosen chairs beside the window where you can see Cebu as well.


Ayala Center.

One of the Speakers. Senior Auditor at SGV Cebu if I am not mistaken. Sorry I have a very bad retention.

One of the SGV partners, Mr. Roqueza.

To end the post, we went to IT park during our first night in Cebu with friends. And we met most of our batchmates there too. hahah. Talk about laagan people.

At The Walk with Aya, TingTing, Sol, and Cah.

That's it for our first day in Cebu. Be back with the second day.


  1. I love your sense of fashion :)

  2. OMG, I miss Cebu!

  3. Heee tell me how much and how did you arrive there! I'm coming to Cebu this Sembreak! :D I wanna go to that temple too :)

  4. I haven't explored much of Cebu yet but I'm dying to go around the city. So many beautiful places there. :) 3d glasses make me dizzy too haha

  5. i've always wanted to visit cebu! lucky you!! i love your outfit. for some reason if reminded me of princess jasmine's attire from aladdin, but yours is the corporate version :D

  6. beautiful pics! love it all.. how i wish to visit cebu someday. missed your blog sis. tc!

  7. i could never get tired reading or looking at pics involving Cebu. I love that city so much! haha I went to the Taoist temple when I was a kid, and I totally agree with you. Their artistic and creativity is beyond our imaginations! What did you guys do for your night out in IT Park? :D

  8. I got the same shots of your first four pictures... :) I wish I was able to go to Taoist Temple. The place looks so amazing on your pictures...


  9. Bet you had so much fun there :)) I miss Cebu... Hope I can visit the place again
    Lovely photos you got <3 <3

    Stay gorgeous *wink


  10. Hay... nakakamiss ang college AND field trips. Glad you all had fun in Cebu!


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