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Many say that I dress too much. I spend all my time looking for what I should wear. Yes, I do spend almost 30 minutes just trying to mix and match my look for the day. Do you think that there is something wrong with that?

To all the bitter people, hah! Do that everyday and you'll grow old easily. I will do what I want. This is the  last time I will ever tackle this topic. I am so moving on and I wouldn't care about it anymore. Guess what? My mom is so game to sew me tons of clothes to wear. When I have time, I will try to learn to sew too. Then, I will be making my very own clothing line. Boooo! Screw people who judges others!

PS: I bought two lipsticks online. It arrived 20days after my order on :P The shades are goddess and sparkling silk. Love them. When you combine both, you will achieve a dark nude look that makes your lips look more pouty. :)

PPS: My contest is still on-going. Click here to join. :)




  1. Hey! :) Good thing you have plans of opening your own line of clothes. :) Good luck with that! If you'll pursue that, Imma buy one of your products! :)
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  2. forget them.. they're just insecure.. haha.. my mom loves to sew too. :)

  3. heeeeyy! i like your shoes sis... ang daming cute designs niyan dito sa dasma... haha. sana nga't magkapera nako. lol.

    nako... tama move on. inggit lang ung mga yan sayo noh... i'm excited on that clothing line. astig un! :))
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  4. Ignorance is their intelligence.. dont mind them my dear!
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  5. Own clothing line? That would be very cool. Don't mind other people. We're in a democratic country, we're free to do what we want as long as it's harmless, right?

  6. Good luck on pursuing your own clothing line! :)

    Btw, was also planning on purchasing from How much did you have to pay for the shipping fee? Is it door-to-door delivery? Thanks in advanced!


  7. i paid about $3 for the shipping. yes. it is door-to-door shipping. goodluck on your purchase.
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