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Accountancy Week Part 2

You can read the part 1 of this post here.

Notice: Photos ahead. This is a long post. Bore yourself.

Accountancy week ended last Saturday with a bang. We were all hyped up and I wanna share the experience with you, guys.

Accountancy week started with the sports events wherein our year level, called 4Vidas, had to compete with other year levels from our school and other schools such as MTIM, MSU Naawan and SMC. It was a really tiring event for all of the participants excluding me, of course, because I am not a sporty type of a girl.

Here are the results for our sports events:

  • Volleyball - Champion

  • Soccer Baseball - Champion

  • Chess Women - Champion

  • Basketball Women - 1st runner-up

  • Badminton Singles Men - 1st runner-up

  • Chess Men - 1st runner-up

  • Badminton Mixed - 2nd runner-up

Up next is the Laro ng Lahi competition. And here are the results:

  • Sack Race - Champion

  • Tug of Peace - 1st runner-up

  • Kadang - 2nd runner-up

  • Eating Contest - 3rd runner-up

As you can see, we were ecstatic in each event because we are determined to win in every game. We had our shares of sweats and fatigue during practice.

Let's move on to the next event which is the literary event. This is the part where I, together with my classmates reign. Hahah! We have always been judged as students with low brilliance. And we were determined to change that perception. Why? Because everyone can learn if there is a will within them. But there are those who still doubt us despite our preparations with the said competition.

Their opinions do not really matter to us for we know the hardships we have gone through for the event. Those who cannot embrace the fact that we also got the brains will forever be conceited with their tongues.

(photos are yet to come. Sorry.)

Here are the results for the literary events:

  • Essay-Writing - Champion (ehem!)

  • Extemporaneous Speech - Champion

  • Chain Story-Telling - Champion

  • Junk Art - Champion

  • Quiz Bowl - Champion

  • Chalk Art - 2nd runner-up

Only one out of six categories were not ours. Well, you can never have it all, as they coin it. I was the representative of our batch for the essay-writing contest. Honestly, I never expected to win because Hanimai Macumbal was the 5th year's representative. She is like what every student would dream to be.

I was disheartened to know that they actually doubted my winning. As the saying goes, you can never have everything given to you in a silver platter. It is up to them if they will accept it or not. For me, it is not the winning that matters most. It is how I did my essay and how much I have learned through it.However, winning it would mean a lot to my batch too. So, it still counts somehow. :D

Moving on, the cultural event and the Search for Mr. and Ms. Ambassadors of Goodwill was held last Saturday at Iligan Capitol College, and served as the closing program for accountancy week. It was the night of glamour and tension. Every group is equipped with talent ready to be unleashed. Well, of course, my batch is one hella kind of a batch. We were undoubtedly ready for the competition. One day of practice for some of the participants was nearly enough. haha.

Above is our acoustic varsity. Why varsity? Well, it was coined after they have become our participants  for each acoustic event in the college, university, and interschool. Listen to them:

Another category for cultural night was the popdance. Unfortunately, they haven't uploaded a video of the popdance. I would have loved to post it here.

The last event for the cultural night was the Wannabe competition. In this part of the night, everyone laughed hard at the participants especially the 2nd year Arivas and the MTIM Mavisas. We were proud and happy of Guiller, our solo representative, imitating Marcelito Pomoy.

Here are the results for the Cultural Night:

  • Popdance - 1st runner-up

  • Acoustic - 1st runner-up

  • Wannabe - 4th runner-up

The highlight of the Accountancy Week is the Search for Mr. and Ms. Ambassadors of Goodwill. And I am very much happy to say that our candidates made it to the top 3 - Larry Pactol being the 2nd runner-up for Mr. Ambassador of Goodwill '11 and Sol Suazo being the Ms. Ambassador of Goodwill '11.

Here is a photo of the Mr. and Ms. Ambassadors of Goodwill 2011:

For a wrap-up of the accountancy week, our batch made the following recognitions:

  • Overall Sports Champion - 2011 Accountancy Week

  • Overall Literary Champion - 2011 Accountancy Week

  • Overall 1st runner-up Cultural Night - 2011 Accountancy Week

With the aforementioned recognitions, we are proud to say that we are the Overall Champion for the Accountancy week 2011.

Because I am very happy and proud of one of my super closest friend in college, Sol Suazo, I am posting a very glamorous photo of her together with my disgusting face. haha

Yes. I look disgusting. hahah

To end my post, I am proud to present to you my batch, the 4Vidas. I am happy to be a part of this batch.








  1. Hey you aren't disgusting! You just wasn't able to pose well kay hassle kaayo ang pagpic hehe Ako sad gani wa ko ka pose ug tarong.

  2. EAT THAT!!!! hahahahaha.... LOVE IT!!!

  3. This seems like a lot of fun and made me missed my college days. Go engineering!! hahaha.

  4. wow! congrats guys! ang galing ng department nyo ah? indeed pag may teamwork it will lead to success!!

  5. great share... you looked like you had an awesome time! I miss hanging out with my classmates and of course my girlfriends. :)

  6. wow. ypour week is BONGGA! not like in... oh i don't want to mention. haha

  7. assstttiigggg! damai niong awards! congrats to you and your class sis. Galeng sa essay contest ah. :) tama, don't mind what others tell you. inggit lang ung mga un! :))


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