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Songs Reversed

Songs that are reversed always give me the creeps. I mean, those messages hidden in them are kinda scary. I just happened to bump into a Gaga song reversed.

I mean, I'd rather hear them on like how we normally have to hear them. Reversing a song is call Backmasking. According to Wiki, it is a recording technique in which a sound or message is recorded backward onto a track that is meant to be played forward.

Anyway, here's the vid I saw. I do not really know whether to believe or not.

What do you guys think?

Anyway, di you guys happen to notice the new LIKE button in the comments in FB?? Haha. My friend was amazed. lol


  1. OMG! ang creepy nga talaga ni Lady gaga.. it's my first time to hear this song.. she's satanic nga talaga.. O.o

  2. the reversed song really scared me! T_T i didn't even reach a minute on listening to the song (or even 30 seconds)! LOL!..very creepy, and bad!

  3. the revising thingy is so creepy! but thinking on the ither side. today is a new generation. like duh ? how great technology works now a days. tssk! that's really a creepy one. but i don't believe it. :D

  4. I hate hearing backward songs. I hate it, it's just so creepy! And it's mostly about God and Hell. aww.

  5. Hmm I personally don't believe it. I remember a friend telling me something about horoscopes. He learned in psyhcology that it isn't the horoscope that's right. Most of it is complete BS. The only reason you think it's true is because you're making the connection in your head, like "oh that actually happened to me". Because the horoscope is so general, people probably just believe.

    I think the same could be applied to songs backwards. I'm sure some artists never even thought about their song being played backwards. Considering Lady Gaga, she might have thought about, haha, but I doubt it.

    We're just making the connection and overthinking it.

    Oh and I'm so happy for the new like a comment option. I've always wanted to like a comment.

  6. haha, yeah sorry. I don't believe in that stuff. I think humans see what they want to see, we see what we're looking for you know?

  7. I heard of backmasking before from a blogger friend too and it scared the hell outta me. now, i'm more scared of Lady Gaga. Not really a fan of her but the way she dresses is just so...out of the world.

  8. hey. i like your site. just wanted to ask...

    your shown as wearing a headscarf on your little about me section in your sidebar, yet you do not wear a scarf in your "about me section" on the actual about page. I thought it was not right for a scarfed women/girl to wear a scarf one day and then take it off the next?

    Just wanted to ask and did not mean to be rude or offensive.I hope I did not offend you.

    I myself am wearing a head-scarf and just wanted to ask. :)

    And I love your layout. Its really cute. :)

  9. That was so creepy, but I don't believe it. I think if they weren't telling you what was being said it would just sound like gibberish.

  10. Hey dear! Thanks so much for the comment and the greet! MAN wow first time I've heard a song that was backmasked for a long time! I first heard about this in the movie Little Nicky XD hhaha! Man that is creepy....


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