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A Break From All Of These

Ah! Finally. TGIFN! At least I can give myself a rest after my super exhausting week at the university. My week has always been do this and do that, quizzes, tons of assignments and paperworks and problems to solve. Talk about torture in it's nth root.

Talking about to-do lists, mine is getting longer just for the next week of my life. I have to spend my weekends studying notes, solving accounting problems, memorizing law articles, making a curriculum vitae, researching about the New Barter System, cleaning my room and praying that I get high grades. Aww. This is gonna be a hella weekend.

I hope I survive this thing I am into. I am really missing out in the blogging atmosphere since studies is getting on me silently and takes all of my time away. But, what is 3 to 4 more years (including my CPA Board Exam Review) of sacrifice to a lifetime of good life? Now, I remember my teacher who always says that. :D

Anyway, thanks to all the people who showed their sympathy showed to my schoolmate who committed suicide in my previous post. I hope he rests in peace. Btw, to day was his burial.

Here's a little quotation I have for y'all. I hope you like it.

There will always be happiness in the world, but same goes to misfortunes too.

-Pin Arai (Kimi Ni Todoke)


  1. Agree. TGIFN. though i still have classes tomorrow, atleast it's still weekend. ^^ yey. anyway, good luck on your studies. :) muah!

  2. go ayaaaahhh! you can do it :D samin din hell week eh. keri yan!

  3. You can do it sis :D
    Masaya naman sa College kahit puro thesis and homeworks.

    Goodluck :))

  4. I agree, we have similar situations. Good luck on your school works! ;] don't worry, your hard work will be paid off someday. :)

    I'm also sorry for your loss. I can't believe people kill others/themselves just for love. I mean, they're still young, right? Sayang naman yung buhay nila. :(

    I like the quote. nakakarelate ako. Minsan ayokong masyadong magpaka-saya kasi baka sobrang kalungkutan yung kasunod. :<

  5. Why do we love FRIDAY so much? :) I can imagine how busy you are by just reading ur post. Nyweis, don't 4get to take a rest th0! I hope everything goes well w/ ur school stuff :)

  6. Good luck sis!!

    ako din, parating busy.. @@

    dami din to-do list! :((

    Good luck satin!

  7. we're the same, I have lots of things to do too lalo na ung mga di ko nagawa nung nagkasakit ako =/

  8. well.. i guess we all go through the same pain in the ass right now. lol second week pa lang pero super dami ng dapat gawin.. haha kaya natin to! :D

  9. K I feel like a noob. What's TGIFN? LOL hha!

    yes school is really tiring lately. We can do this, everyone's busy during school days so you're not really missing much action. aha!

  10. Wow talk about loaded with stuff to do but one by one you'd manage to finish it all, just avoid procrastination (...says the one whose procrastinating right now lol.) And I do hope he does rest in peace. - u -

  11. naku I agree with you..the longer the time spent at school, the longer the "to-do-list" becomes too. O.o bwahahahaha.. :))

  12. waa. that's really busy :( tssk. i hate quizzes . kaso wala tayo magwa. i find hard time in math . huhu :(( nakuu! kaya mu yun sis. kaw pa! I MISS YOU! :D

  13. tama, pag rest day, rest talaga. :) hay. goodluck with your studies. :D

    aw. i've read your previous post, ang sad naman nun. wth. :(

  14. oohhh....i hate accounting....
    hate ko rin yung mag-memorize!!!
    but it is important to study!!!
    keep up the good work!!!

  15. goodluck with all those stuffs.. i know you can surpass those..

  16. hhmmpp.. ganyan talaga kahirap pag student noh.. superb busy.. pero ok lang yan... good luck ayah!!

    sorry kung ngaun lang ako nakapag bloghop..

    busy din ako ee.. have a new post..

  17. i wish you luck on your studies!7 years ??? that's like hell...

  18. hello sis ayah♥
    aww thank you sa pagdalaw sa blog ko..
    aww ganun talaga kailangan talaga concentrate sa ibang mas importanteng bagay kesa sa blogging ♥ add kita sa links ko sis ok lang?


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