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19th Birthday and Contest Winners

I was wondering last night what is in store for me on my first day as a nineteen-year old brat. I mean, nothing really has changed within and without myself. So, I was like, what is there for me?

My internet connection was dead for several days. That's the main reason why I haven't bloghopped guys. Sorry. I was just listening to Gareth Gates, Britney Spears, A1, Nick Carter, Iyaz, and Liz Phair last night since there is nothing to do. Smart is really pissing me off. It has been a week since I first called them. I have called almost every hour to check on them but they did not visit at all. Dang!

Anyway, today is my birthday as far as the date is concerned. What I have become today was all thanks to Almighty Allah, my family, friends, lover, and enemies. I thank you all for that. If it is not for them and for you guys, I wouldn't have been this girl blogging. I might have been different. Good thing, I had the chance to meet you all.

I bid sorry to those whom I have hurt in the past. It was not meant as you guys think it was. It might be because I cannot stop my temper anymore. Peace and love. Let us all be friends. :)

I don't usually want to remember my birthday because it reminds me how much I have grown since then. It reminds me how clumsy I have been with my life. But hey! I don't regret those things especially when I was happy that I did them. Ah! Those were the days. Thanks to all for the greetings especially Edel who made a really great message to me. I sure treasure it. ;)

I cannot stop from being sad because this is my last year being a teenager. OMG! I am getting old. At least, I want to enjoy this last teen year of mine. I get pretty dramatic when it comes to years. Haha! I am abash by it.

Anyway, I know you all guys have been waiting for this day. I told you that I would announce the winners on June 11. But my mindset was changed. I am going to announce it today. Watch the video to know the winner. I am so sorry if you find me really ugly. The overbite is adding up to my ugliness even more. Haha! I am so happy to be giving away something on my birthday since this is my first time to actually give something away on the day I was born.

Click on the spoiler to view the video.


I wish myself a happy birthday. And I congratulate the two lucky winners. Contact me please if you are the winner. I will hand to you the prize by the end of this week. (Tomorrow hopefully.) That's all guys. Thank you so much if you spent time reading my post. I would heartily be grateful if you did so. :)


  1. it should be more *birthdays to come. haha. pakiedit nalang po? :)))

  2. Waw. Happy Birthday Ate Ayah~ 1 more year to go and you're not a teenager anymore. Haha. More birthday to come!

    Congrats to the winners~ Am I that KIM? LOL. IDK. HAHAHA. I enjoyed your video. HAHA. I love Bonamana. XD

  3. WOW Kim won! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you :>

  4. @Kim[pinkposh] , I suppose not Kim. Kasi, d k nmn sumali ee. heheh. It's KIM from ung nanalo. =) Thanks so much. Haha. glad you liked my vid. uber pangit ee.

  5. Sorry I haven't been commenting you in so long; I was caught up in my final exams -_-

    This is the first time I've seen you (in video) and you are so cuuute!!! :) Again, happy birthday and I really hope you enjoy your last year of teenage-dom :P I'm sooo surprised! I never win anything. Will you tell me your email? I couldn't find it on your website :)

    Have a good one! One more year and you'll be as old as me! haha!

  6. HAHA there's two kims! Actually I think the other Kim should win because I would feel guilty if it was me. hehehehe

  7. @Kim[fadedout] you won sis. heheh. She did not enter the giveaway nmn ee. That would be mean if I let her win. hehe. Yun lng.

  8. W0w congratz s mga winners at hapi bday sayo sis!


  9. i like your video. congrats for those won!

  10. Belated Happy Birthday sis. ;)

  11. Congrats to the winner! Nice video :)

  12. Hahaha cute video! :) Congrats to the winners and Happy birthday :)

  13. Happy 19th Birthday. Naku pareho tayo ng age, malapit na nating iwanan ang word na "teen".

    My wish for you are:

    Matupad mo sana ang mga pangarap mo, good health at if incase kaylangan mo ng sexy na katawan at pera, well isama na din natin yan!!!haha. at siyempre ang pinakamahalagang wish sa lahat ay ang patnubay ni God at pagbebless niya sayo!:)

  14. Happy Birthday Ayah! Your so cute in the vid, and btw, you don't look like 19. :)

  15. Belated happy birthday! Sorry for the late greeting. I just blog-hopped today because of my pile of assignments. I wish you the best in everything. :)

  16. ohh congrats to the winners! :)

    and btw, ur from msu iit? :D great schoool ;)

    im from cdeo. hope to meet you soon!

  17. happy birthday sis! (:

    congrats sa mga winners.

  18. Yay Ayah! happy birthday :)

    Nakakatuwa yung ginawa mong video ^_^

  19. Aweh you're such a sweetie! :3 Happy birthday ate Ayah! I'm glad you liked my birthday greeting so much! You aren't ugly at all in this video! You are absolutely adorable! XD And this is the first time someone has pronounced my name right. I'm amazed, haha.

    I hope you have a super duper amazing day because a super duper amazing person like you deserves it!

    Oh, and congrats to the winners! :DDD

  20. yay congrats on the winners :) Belated happy birthday~ Sorry I wasn't able to greet you yesterday. T.T This week has been a busy week for me T.T

  21. wow! congrats sa nanalo :) !!

    and Jhen unnie won the 2nd prize~

    keke~ congrats din to her<3

    btw, advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ayah unnie♥

    this is ur last year as a teenager..

    so enjoy enjoy!!


  22. Waaaah! Wag ganun. let's enjoy every birthdays we always have. Once per year lang yan. ;)

  23. hi sis. oww GOD. I'm sorry if I haven't got the chance to greet you yesterday :(( I really had the bad day yesterday, and I haven't checked my blog yesterday >.< I enjoyed watching your video :) especially on the fist part :D hihi. you look like a 15 teen ager. haha. hindi halatang 19 ka na sis :)

  24. @JHEN haha. okay lng. =) ill give you na your $2.


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