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How Can I Make Perfume Last Longer

What is a good perfume? A good perfume is something that is beautifully balanced and almost obviously surprises the person by the fragrance. You will find lot many perfumes like that but buying the one is really hard. One should have the knowledge of the notes available in the perfume. Once you get the perfume you turn daring and run the mill differently. You have your own signature fragrance. A person starts recognizing you with the smell.

 One such preferred perfume is Elizabeth Taylor perfume. I like it smell and the first note of the perfume is quite mesmerizing. You will just not restrict yourself in putting the perfume on your body. Same goes with the second note as the spread of the fragrance is for quite long time. And with the tips discussed in article you can make the scents last all day long.
I being the amateur in selection of perfume cannot give you much suggestion but I can rely on the one which I tried. I tried Elizabeth Taylor perfume and it is really good. I think in appreciating perfume I can appreciate the real fragrance and you too will love it. Now let’s move to the main part of article and try to know the ways to keep the fragrance of perfume safe for long.

The first step in making the scent of the perfume last long is to keep the skin moist. The fragrance last long on the person having the moist skin. If your skin is dry, perfume will be absorbed by your body because of the alcohol in it. So if you are successful in keeping the skin moisturized you will be able to keep the perfume long. Petroleum jelly can help you keep your skin moist and lock the scent for long.

Scents when applied at pressure points smell longer and better. Our body is equipped with heat sensors. These are called pressure points. These points have a blood vessel which acts as a heat conductor. Actually when the scents are applied to these areas it gets stimulated by the pressure points. The pressure points in our body includes…
  • Behind the knees
  • The ankles
  • Behind the ears

You can also keep the perfume lock in your hair. Try spraying escada perfume on your hair when the hair is little wet. It is also suggested that perfume should be sprayed at the end when you are completely dressed otherwise it may wiped off when the dress is put on. And when buying the perfume think of the scents you want to wear. It is a general fact that heavy cologne last longer as compared to lighter scent.  And at last you can also carry your favorite perfume with you so that whenever it fades you can re spray it and maintain your signature.

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