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Up and Away

Hello blogging friends. OMG! Thank you so much to very few people who commented on my previous post. :) Guess what? I am back to normal. I think. Hahah. At least, I am feeling a lot better than the past two weeks. Oh! Those issues that I encountered were such ewan (IDK). Haha.

I guess I missed out so much in the blogging world. I am making it up to myself by bloghoppin as much blogs as I can today and commenting on some posts that I find interesting. Yay!

Anyway, during my loss in lilpink, I have been accompanied by my tumblr account: I ranted so much in there. Plus the reblogging thing makes it all possible for me to communicate my feelings. Lol. I was such an emo but now, I ain't.

Anyway, I am having a very long vacation from school, 4 to 5 days I think. (counting the weekends and weekdays) Wooooh! School holidays are so two thumbs up. :D

My friend from India also make it possible for me to smile always. Ah! He is such an angel. Thank youuuuuu! My bestfriends in college and highschool were such jerks to let me cry off my heartaches. Hell, I so love them. haha. :D We even went to this karaoke bar to shout at the top of our lungs (not sing). Hahah. That was the best stress reliever I could ever have. Thank youuuuuu!

How's everybody? I hope you all are doing great.

PS: Did you know that Borgy Manotoc is now blogging? Hah! Here's his blog: Just want you to know. hehe.


  1. shouting your feelings is really effective. :)
    good thing you're okay now. :)

  2. Welcome back to being normal again! Hehe. Sanaý tuloy-tuloy na ang iyong blogging. :D


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