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Thank you

Before anything else comes up to my mind, I want to thank people who are constantly been viewing and reading my blog even though I am not that active these days. :) It's a YAY for all of you guys. I love you!
What's been up with me? I am so busy for the accountancy week. O_O

You see, I will be competing for an on-the-spot essay-writing contest this coming week. Expectedly, I have to review about composition. Blogging is way too different from a formal essay. I guess, I have lots of pointers to remember. Like what I said in my facebook account, I am a ranting creature. I have to be careful with the words I say. :nerdy:

Why would I be competing? It is for the juniors. I love them so much that I cannot manage to say no to them. Hah! Jk. Really. I love my batch. They are the best thing in college that I won't ever regret.


Please pray for me for the upcoming contest. I need you all. Thanks. I want to win this for my batch. And Thank you so much to people who liked the quotes I posted.


  1. naks naman.. your welcome sis..thank you din sa patuloy tuloy mong pagbisita sa bloggie ko..mwua.. :-*

    wow.. goodluck sayo sa on the spot essay writing contest niyo sis.. naalala ko din dati.. sumali din ako sa ganyan.. nagulat ako nung nanalo pa ako ng 3rd place. hahahahahahahahaha.. :DDD

  2. Good luck in your competitions.
    DOn't worry about being in active, you have to focus!

  3. Good luck with that essay writing contest! :D Yeah ranting, has its pros and cons. haha icontrol mo nlang pag msahdo na. hehe. I'll pray for you :D

  4. Good luck in your contest! Tell us how it went!

  5. Thats so awesome sis :)) I wish you all the best!
    Kaya mo yan, from what I see ur such a talented Lady <3
    You can do it!

  6. Good Luck sis! :) You'll win, for sure.

  7. waaa. I miss being here :(( kahit ako bihira ng mag blog. waaa! goodluck sis. kaya mo yan ^^

  8. Hiya Ayah! I missed you too~! I've been so busy. I'll almost out of hiatus though. ^^ Expect me to be back soon!

    Ah an essay contest? That sounds great! I'll pray you will do really well! I'm horrible at writing essays. I'm better at prose. Essay writing is so much different from blogging. Anyway, good luck!

  9. Wow sis Goodluck with it! sana manalo ka! nakakainspire naman kasi ur batch is supporting u! at kung di naman dahil sa knila d ka sasali hehe. goodluck!!!

  10. ayee, no problem sissy. :D anyway, good luck o your essay writing contest. <3

  11. Good luck sis! sana manalo ka... AJA! xD


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