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The truth is, I do not know what to write. So, this is just some random things that I might be thinking as of now. =)

  • There is this guy who is really into me. He calls me everytime, be it morning, afternoon or at night. He always makes me feel I am so important. And I like that. It's just that, I cannot give him what he wants since I am not in love with him. But, I do not want to hurt his feelings. He is a friend. And I do not want him to be hurt.

  • I have this friend whom I personally think is in love with someone. She has a lot of guys courting her. The thing is she never had any boyfriend ever since. Now, she does not know how to deal with it. Oh crap! I always give her advices but as we all know, we all have different solutions to a problem. This is why I think, she must handle this in her own.

  • I am getting really addicted to Mr. Stiff Corpse movie and Indian movies. I can watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 10 times in a day. Really! Hahah. I am so obsessed with Shah Rukh Khan movies. I hope I can watch his latest movie "Koochie Koochie Hota Hai", the animated version of the 1998 movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I just love the singing and dancing in the movies. =)

  • My flight back to Iligan City is coming up (actually to Cagayan de Oro City, then I will take the bus to Iligan City). Boohoo. I was supposedly to travel alone but my friend told me that we have the same flight schedule which is really a good thing. I am happy that I have a companion to go back there. Thanks much to Harold. Sadly, I will miss my super duper makulit cousins here in Manila.

  • OMG! School is coming up. Hell! My happy days are over soon. I just hope that this semester will be better than any other I had before. I am looking forward to be going back to CBAA in MSU-IIT. How I miss my college, my teachers, and especially my friends. Awww. Sobs! I am eager to see all of them this June 1 when I enrol.

  • I will be leaving my mom here in Manila for her medication. I will be missing her damn much. I wish she gets better soon so that we can live a normal life again. :( To know what happened to her, read my post HERE.

  • I am excited to get back to my normal routine in Iligan City with my new companions at my flat. I hope we all get along well. I will see to it that I do my best to be friendly and everything. It's just so different this time. I hope I will be able to cope up with things and I hope that everything goes right.

  • My birthday is coming up people. JUNE 10, 2010. I am going to give away $5 to a lucky reader on that day. Always come back to my page to know how to get it. It's so easy to get. Don't worry, I don't like anyone hassling so much for a $5. It's from my earnings. I am sorry if that's all I can give for now. It's just that my earnings are not that high yet. I just like to share something I have. I just hope that I get more tasks so that I can have a giveaway every month. If any of you wants to be a sponsor, feel free to give a comment. I can make arrangements for that matter.

I do not know what to write huh? hahah. That's all for now. I love you all.


  1. Ahm, ang masasabi ko lang, dapat binibigyan ng chance ang mga guys, paminsan minsan pag inalok kang lumabas kayo, i-test mo siya together with your friends kung talaga may balak ba siyang manligaw sayo, oh db? :P
    mas maganda na yung open kesa silently you're ignoring the guy that makes you so important.

  2. I hope your mom will be better soon ^^. lets just pray for her so don't worry nah ^^. JUNE ka rin pla. hihi. JUNE celebrant pla tayo.. weee ~ advance sayo sis :DD
    .-= JHEN´s last blog ..confuse much? happy slight. recovering? i dunoo. =-.

  3. wow.. secret admirer sis? lol..:D naku magkalapit lng pala tayo ng bday.. medyo nauna lang akin. hehehe.. sa June 8 akin sis..LOL.. :D
    .-= RHEA´s last blog ..bday wishlist. =-.


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