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Never be Replaced

I know myself in each of us is a craving for something we cannot achieve for the mean time. One might even think it is too impossible to attain. Come to think of it, each of us wants to have material things that we cannot even lay hands on. Sometimes, we become too busy aiming the impossible that we forget some of the special things to us. And it might actually lead to losing them.

Come on! Don't you think that you can ever look for another person as sweet as your parents' or siblings' first words when you wake up first thing in the morning? Or those big grins in their faces when they find us amusing? Who can ever replace the "bestfriend" who knows all your secrets? Plus, let us not forget the lovely smile of a lover that always pops up to our minds every now and then. Those were truly priceless. They are something we never could do without.

I am glad I have all of them. They cannot be replaced by any gems in this world. I love them the way they are.


  1. I know what you mean. Although, lately I have been focusing a lot of the people around me. I just lost someone who I love and treasure (no, not as in death) and it's hard for me to get through this because that person is irreplaceable. There will be no one else in the world like that person, and our friendship was so special, I don't think I'll find any other one like that.

    So I say, treasure what you have now. Forget about the material things in life and take a good luck at the people in your lives. Make memories and experience life. If you don't, you might regret it.

    Because every person is a special piece of our lives that can't be filled with anyone else.

  2. thats so sweet of you ayah, its a good thing you know how to cherish all your loved one. nothing can replace them at all. material things can be attained on some other ways, but the love given by our loved ones are truely priceless.

  3. Aww. So sweet. That makes me want to hug my mom. Unfortunately, she's not here and my sisters too :( I still love them, of course.
    .-= kim´s last blog ..KIYAHHH. =-.

  4. OMG! i sooo agree with ya sis.. the people we have in our life today are sooo irreplaceable. <3
    .-= Rhea´s last blog ..0 PR. =-.

  5. your really right about that sis ^^. having special someones in us is really hard to replace even if we'll meet new one's its really hard to replace them in your hard especially when you have this moments that can't be forget and you treasured a lot :D
    .-= JHEN´s last blog ..Ever since =-.

  6. yeah, I super agree on you, I'm not that materialistic though. My parents thought me things I could never forget. I love them more than anyone else do~

  7. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!


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