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For anyone who has been following my twitter account, you'll know what I've been up to these days. =) I have constantly been using my e71 to tweet. I am so mad about tweeting recently. I don't know what came into me. Maybe I was too tired of booting on my laptop. Yeah. That's one reason. This is why I want to get a tablet. But, the Samsung Galaxy tab sure costs much. I am not sure about getting an iPad since there are cheaper competitors that offer such service too. Then, I have this Olympus Pen EPL1 in my mind too. Gaaah. Where do I get money to buy all of that? Urrgh.

Do you know any jobs that requires the least effort? haha. I'm so toast. I am really such a gadget freak but I don't have the means to buy them. Gaaah. I think we all are.

And oh, I have been starting to read about stress and how to cope with it too. It is really helpful. Did you know that without stress, life would be so boring? haha. I know right. I would agree to that. I mean, the one that stresses you much should really mean a lot to you. Otherwise, you wouldn't even care.

I know. Reading this post stresses you much too. Haha. I mean, what do you care about my whining, right? But hell I love stressing you all out. ;)

Oh. I nearly forgot. I went to the dentist yesterday for my braces 3rd adjustment. He was so busy because piles of people are lining up the clinic (Mind you, he has two clinics and the president of Iligan Dental Association). So, at the end of the day, I found out that the wire of my braces didn't get into one of the brackets. That was the reason for the constant numbness I felt. Dang, I had to return to the clinic to get it fixed today. He told me he was really sorry. I don't really mind because after just 3 adjustments, my teeth are lining up so pretty. :) Science really does magic.

PS: 3 days more and I won't be always online. Though, it is only for 3 weeks. :)


  1. me too... i have these cravings for gadgets but i dont have the money to buy them..

  2. same here sis... kaso since hindi naman kami mayaman at hindi ganon kalaki kinikita ko, kuntento na ako sa digicam ko at cellphone. hahaha. :))

    i have friends who had braces before and yes, gumanda talaga ngipin nila. hahaha.


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