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The Various Faces of Blog Readers

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So, I am going to list some of the types of blog readers I encounter in this blog. You might be one of them. :D 

  • The Hoppers - they are also bloggers who are hoping to have an interaction with you. For them, it is a win-win situation if they hop into your page because you will have to return the favor. ;) They are of active species and can visit number of blogs in a minute time. I oftentimes become a hopper especially in days of boredom.

  • The Lovers - they are so in love with the blog owner that they stalk every page of the blogsite just to know the blogger better. You can even conduct an exam about the blogger, and they can give you correct answers. They are what every blogger asks for: a loyal and silent reader.

  • The Comment Junks - okay. I am part of this society too. They are people who hops and leaves comments in every possible blog to attain a number of comments in their blog. See, this is a win-win situation too.

  • The Resourcers - they are people who lurk into your blog for every possible resource materials they can find. Worst, they can even get your theme, and everything.

  • The Haters - they come to your blog just to get something against you. They love making fond of your grammar, photos, videos and posts. They sometimes leave messages in the tagboard or comments just to let you know they hate you. Haters, sometimes, are people who used to love you but eventually hates you because of one mistake in your post. This is an evolution every blogger is afraid of.

  • The Copycats - unlike the haters who just show the depreciation of your image in their eyes, copycats are huge problems. They are also an evolution of lovers (sometimes). With much of affection, they suddenly want to be you. Then, they make blogs that looks like yours, posts that seem to be yours, and can sometimes use your personality in their facebooks and twitters. Out of all blog readers, these people are what bloggers are afraid of. Bloggers just want to exterminate them like pests.

  • The Questors - this people are in search of their homework with the aid of google. Somehow, your post is of relevance to them. That is why they are in your blog. Without search engines, they wouldn't even read your post. And they leave your blog after getting the juice out of your posts for their homeworks.

  • The One-Timers - these people are a one time readers. From out of nowhere, they saw the url of your blog. Then becomes curious and clicks it. They sometimes evolved into whichever of the above mentioned types of blog readers. Bloggers want to impress this people to have them as loyal readers in the future.

  • The Friends - this are loyal readers. I love them so much. Either they evolved from whichever above or just mere friend of daily life. They are sometimes an inspiration of some of my posts.

Whichever type of reader you are, I am thankful. Why? Because of you, my blog has reached what it has become today. What do you think you are of the above mentioned blog readers? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Wonderful post and very true at the same time! One of the types I favor and admire the most are the hoppers. I think most bloggers are too full of pride to comment on other stranger's blog for the first time. Hoppers make an effort to get to know you and your blog more.
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  2. oh this is cool sis... i think i'm more of the hopper and comment junk. :)) lalo na kung nakakarelate ako sa blog post ng binibisita ko. hahaha. thank God as of now wala pa naman YATA akong hater feeling ko kasi once na sikat ka na, dun ka nagkaka-hater. ewan lang ah. :p

  3. Off-topic: I'm holding my first Challenge and Giveaway!

    I'm a definite hopper whenever I'm free for the day and got nothing to do.

    On very little occasion, I become a lover. Haha. True enough if the blogger is someone I totally admire and adore. I can't help it when my fan mode hits me hard. :D

    Comment-Junkie. Me! I actually love leaving comments and make them feel that someone is actually reading your blog! So you have to keep on blogging and updating! :)

    If I'm not mistaken, I'm part of The Friends too since some of my online friends have become my offline friends! :) Hopefully, you'll be one of them! ^_^

    <3 GRYSHCO
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  4. thanks for doing the tag sis! :)
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  5. hahah so true! guess I'm one of the hoppers^_^

  6. this is sooo cool.. I also become a hopper sometimes out of boredom and i wanna see sites though so yeah.. i can also fall under "the friends"..but it depends..

  7. ang cool naman neto. parang may ilang percent ako ng bawat isa jan except dun sa hater haha lol
    pero pinakamaganda talaga kung marami kang magiging friend sa blogging world, and not just aiming to gain visitors.

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  8. Nice sis. Haha ako comment junks? haha sad but true. I hardly have time na kasi to visit all the links sa link ex page ko, ang dami kasi. But before I visit them all tapos mga 4 hours bago ako matapos, kalurkey. I think pag madami kana minamanage na blog mahirap kasi to keep up with your other blogger friends.

    Pero, I also have some blogs na di malilimutan on my list of to-visits and kapag bored ako vinivisit ko sila. Hehe minsan nalang kasi ako magonline ngayon eh D: So ayun. nice share sis!

  9. omg.. i love this post sis.. napaisip tuloy ako kung saan ako dito. wahahahaha.. :) so far dun ako sa hopers, lovers, comment junks and friends. tsaaaaaa.. :D

  10. I can't tell san ako na belong hahahah, anyway nice post detailed ah! ;)

    Uwi kana! See you soon :*

  11. if i'll base it from this blog, i'm definitelya hopper and at the same time, a comment junky too. its a wonderful post you got here that made me stop and read for a while. i love your header by the way :)) and oh, care for a link-ex?

  12. i think im a hopper, comment junk and the friends. I really love how blogging has molded me now. I really do believe that blogging has changed my views and my way of thinking.. :) nice post sissy!^^
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  13. Ang cool ng entry. Kahit ano na lang ako jan. Lol. :P
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  14. I like how you listed down the different types of bloggers.. maybe i'm a mixture of some, I can't really say. Perhaps it also depends on my mood? :) Heehee. I'm more of a hopper, comment junk and friends, I guess. Sometimes i'm a one-timer, too, especially if I don't really have that kind of connection with the blog i'm currently visiting. So it really depends :)

    Nice blog entry!

  15. OT sis pwede pki change ng link sa links page mo into thanks! TC!

  16. I'd be honest and I think I belong to the Hoppers, One-Timers and Friends.

    Hoppers because I like browsing as many blogs as I can.

    One-Timers because there are blogs that irritate me the moment I step into the site (like if they have cheesy background music)

    Friends because I just love visiting my friends' blogs. :)


    Really now, how does your relatives are full-blooded Bruneians and you're different? Funny how the world works. XD

    By the way, nice knowing you too. ;) *hugs*

  17. I'd be honest with you and I think I belong to the Hoppers, One-Timers and Friends :)

    Hoppers: because I like visiting as many blogs as I can
    One-Timers: meaning I'll only visit the particular websites once, because there are blogs that irritate me the moment I step into the website (like if they have cheesy background music). Chances are, I never return to those sites.
    Friends: simply because I love reading/visiting my friends' blogs. :)

    I used to be comment junkie but after a time I realised I'll never be happy that way. Hahaha!


    By the way, nice meeting you too. :) *hugs*
    My recent post Trusting your other half

  18. comment junker, hopper and friend. i love reading your blogs... haha


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