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First Week

I've been having a blast here for the last few days I've been in Brunei. Cousins are bringing me anywhere to eat and see things that I haven't seen the first time I went here back in 2008. It is such a nice thing to have foreign relatives (I meant, for real).  In as much as I want to come back home, I also want to stay here and enjoy this rural kind of place. Everywhere I look, I see mosques that makes me feel secure. They are all majestic. People are so kind.

Here's mom and me in the infamous Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque. =) I really really adore this place. And oh, is it me? Or is my mom taller than me? (/laslas)

PS: My baggage was found but whoever took my bag destroyed it. gaah. I am just thankful that nothing was lost.


  1. Wow, lovely picture! What a beautiful mosque ma'sha'allah!

  2. looks like your mom is taller! :P

    I can believe you about not wanting to leave. The mosque in that picture looks so powerful and beautiful... especially with the green lighting.

    I wish I had relatives far away!!!!
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  3. love the pic sis! You're almost the same height as your mom. :) sorry to hear about the baggage..but thats alright what's really important is that your belongings had been safe and intact.

    PS: You've been tagged in my 10 things about you
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