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10 Things About Me


  • Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.

  • You have to choose and tag ten people.

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  • No tag backs.

  • Have Fun.


So, what are ten things about me that you do not know so far? Are there anything that I haven't blogged about yet? Lemme see. Here goes:

  1. I am of Indonesian origin. I am not that knowledgeable of my origin since I am not into history much but I want to learn about it somehow. My ancestors are of mixed races: Indonesian, Malaysian, Tausug, Sama, Bruneian, Arab, etc.

  2. I can speak Tausug, English, Filipino, Visayan, Sinama. I understand a bit Yakan, Chavacano, and Malay. I can read Arabic too but I forget most of the words' meaning.

  3. My current first name isn't actually the first given name to me. :) My real first name is Fatima Salehah. But dad revised it.

  4. I don't have a genre that I like most. I love listening to every possible genre there is. I watch any movie. I adore every person for his or her beauty.

  5. I am a dancing person but I dance to myself only for exercising purposes. I am a shy type. Yes I am. I cannot even move a bone if someone is staring at me.

  6. Neon colours are my thing. I may love pink but I also like neon colours. They make me feel lively and jumpy.

  7. Arabic eyes makes me drool. Really. I find the Arabic eye makeup really sexy and sophisticated. When I try them on myself, it just doesn't seem right. haha.

  8. I am a bit emotional and sentimental. People close to me knows my moodswings.

  9. I love everything about my tribe. Yes, I am a proud Tausug. :D

  10. Heights give me the fright. I don't like it at all.


I am tagging: Kylie, Mench, Ting2x, Niña, Zar, Luana, Camille, Kit, Janina, Ruby


  1. it's nice knowing more about you. i agree about the arab eyes... they are indeed sexy sis! :)) i can also read a little arabic but i'm very poor to its meaning. loooool.

  2. heyyy kaiiii!!! show us those moves beh! ;))))) hihihihihi!

  3. i agree! arabic eye makeup looks so freaking smexy.

  4. Aww thank you for tagging me, darling! ^-^ I will post it up on my blog soon.


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