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Getting Ready

I have been getting ready for my trip to Manila and Brunei this May. So, as a part of the itinerary, I updated iTunes for the sake of my iPod. I haven't used it for so long and neither did I update my iTunes (not until now). I usually just use my mobile phone for music but I prefer to use the iPod now. The next step is to download songs that I love.  As you can see, my iTunes is loaded with classical music (the kind of music I play when I want serenity or when I am studying). I guess, I will try to pop it a little bit now.

The gadgets I will be bringing for my trip are my Kodak z981, Sony Cybershot w55 (in case I cannot bring the huge cam, I will have an alternative), good old laptop (but I won't bring it to Brunei since it's kind of bulky plus there are laptops I can use there), Amazon Kindle (to read books), and flash drives (where I will save my important files that will be needed in Brunei).

I guess, I will be downloading ebooks too. I hope I find some good books free online. :)

What are your plans this May? Mind sharing it?


  1. wow buti ka pa you're going abroad. you definitelyneed your ipod. haha. para di boring. XD i hope you enjoy your trip there :))

  2. buti may mga gadgets na tayo like ipod. Just to kill boredom kapag nasa byahe. :) take care is. enjoy the trip!
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  3. wow.. Brunei sis?? nice! :) pasalubong! wahahahahaha.. kelan balik mo??? :) come back with photo posts ah?? :) buti ka pa... mag babakasyon ka.. ako puro trabaho. waaaa..o___O
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  4. thanks to gadgets hihi
    wee for vacation have fun sweetie ^ ^

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  5. Hope you have a great time! :) I have the w55 too. It comes in handy ;)

    Well, I really want to go to the beach this month 'cause it's been half a year since I last went to one. :p
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  6. take care on ur trip! :))brunei is good. pero di pa ako nakakapunta dn. haha.lmao.

  7. Buti ka pa, you have lots of time for exciting trips in other places, ako...mmmm plan ko lang this May, tapusin lahat ng nakapending na trabaho, but still be back to blogging ^^,v mind if we update exlinks ;)
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