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Kampong Ayer: The World's Largest Water Village

Stilt houses are never new to me. They are something I have lived seeing while I was in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi. Kampong Ayer sure brings memories from my hometown. It was indeed refreshing to be in Brunei. After all, being in a Muslim country brings me happiness like no other.

I have ridden on boats that make my butt hurt while they go jumping in the sea. \What's great is that it brings me great memories of my beloved place.

It's crazy how you can feel so homey with a place away from home. Though people in Brunei speak Malay, I find it lovely to be in such a place. I personally think that if ever I don't stay in the Philippines, I will find my way to Muslim countries in Southeast Asia.

This place, also renowned as the Venice of the East, is a home for almost 10% of the total population of Brunei with more than 30,000 inhabitants.And it is one of the tourist spots in Brunei.

When you visit Brunei, do not forget to take a peak of this beautiful scenery from the Yayasan Complex in Bandar Seri Begawan. ;)


  1. Oh wow! Venice of the East. I would really love to see venice and this place too! Super love ko yung 1st and last picture. Parang ang relaxing may sight seeing. <3

  2. Pangarap ko din makapunta jan sa Brunei, since I am working here in KL, medyo malapit na...

  3. its my first time to visit on this blog, will be back for more, love your place

  4. When you say Brunei, I always remember Bandar Seri Begawan because the long name haha. It's the capital of Brunei, right?

    I haven't try riding on a boat yet but I really want to! Barko lang nasakyan ko and I know the feeling is very different!

    I hope you could have posted more photos of Brunei. :) I hope to visit the country too. Strict ba dyan when it comes to clothing? And may visa din ba jan?

    1. ndi nmn maxadong strikto sa clothing sis. basta wag lang ung mini mini skirt. hehe. walang Visa needed pero 14 days stay lang ang pede. :)

      uhm, dati pa to na post eh. bina-backpost ko lang para di naman masayang. hehe.

  5. Wow Brunei
    Another place in my bucket list :)
    I hope to see more photos of your trip in Brunei.
    Naka sakay na ako ng bangka and yes its a bit pain in the a** pero I enjoyed naman din.

  6. akala ko nasa PH kalang sis, kaya nga sabi mo "homey"! hihi. I want to ride a boat now too!!


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