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Natural Way To Remove Eye Makeup

While some women go for buying expensive makeup removers, why not have your own natural way? It is always pleasant to use more natural products than those chemical-based ones.

A very natural way to keep the eyes refreshed after a long day of make-up is by using the Virgin Coconut Oil. Yes, I use this always. To remove makeup, you just need oil and tissue or cotton. The eye makeup sticks to the oil. When you damp on a tissue or cotton, the oil together with the eye makeup goes with it. Be sure that you are using a soft tissue so that you won't sag the eyes when you are removing the makeup. This is important to keep the eyes from looking old and full of wrinkles.

There is always an alternative natural way to keep us safe from harmful chemicals. Your makeup is composed with chemicals that can irritate the skin. Now, if you still use chemical based makeup remover, it will worsen the skin condition. As girls, we cannot really refrain from using makeups to enhance our beauties but we can prevent some products that can worsen things for us.

Remember, your health is the most precious gift you can give to yourself. When you forget to take care of it, you are like giving your self into the devil. In this world, you would not want to invest in something that would give you a negative return.


  1. I Didn't Know coconut Oil is the Natural way to remove make-up <33

  2. I use Petroleum Gel if I ran out of Maybelline Make0up remover. :)
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  3. hunnybunny♥ I never knew this. I love coconut oil and i usually use it in my hair which makes it shine and helps it grow but never knew i could successfully remove my make up with it.
    To remove make up and take care of my skin I usually mix apple cider vinegar with water. It removes the make up and it's also good for your skin, and make sit really soft! But i'm definitely gonna try the coconut oil out too :D
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