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Here's the catch, I've already arrived in Iligan and I was not doing pretty well since yesterday (Thursday). I haven't slept for three straight nights which caused me a lot of pain and aches. Yeah. Traveling at night is really a pain in the head. You cannot really sleep. Let us not count the part that Chedeng played on my lovely flight at Cebu Pacific Airlines. Gah. It was plain sanity. I mean, two straight flights then an hour ride from Cagayan de Oro City to Iligan. But, everything is worth it - from the lost baggage to the left umbrella to the hassle. Everything is just worth it. I have learned a lot of lesson and gained a lot of knowledge.


Another one that kept me busy is my *ehem* official online shop - The Lilpink Shop. Finally. It's like a dream come true. I have been hoping for this day to come and yes. It has finally come. I haven't uploaded all of the products yet. So, it's best to always check the site. This is the start of my business life. I know I have a lot to learn and a lot to endure and sacrifice too. I hope I can make it through. I hope you, guys, would support me all the way.

I am planning on designing some dresses too. So, please watch out. I have a lot in mind - business ideas. I really hope that this starts my calling. I've always wanted to be a successful businessgirl, as i call it. haha.

Moving on, I am now an official member slash officer of the Iligan Bloggers Society. What makes this so special to me is that the events that will be handled by the team are off the hook. :) We will be able to cover some of the city's tourist spots which I will gladly blog about and some activities too. FYI, I am the auditor of the said society together with my college bestfriend, sol of They say we should be the one to handle the financial thingy since our course is accountancy. Haaay! I really hate responsibilities but I'll have this one in my hand. It's been a long time since I became an officer (back to the highschool days). Guess, it would not hurt if I take this one.

Lastly, my bday will be on 10th of June. I am still thinking about the Giveaway/Contest. But I don't have an idea on what it's gonna be and how I am gonna give the prices. Urrrgh! Guess, it will have to wait until next month or so. =


  1. Congrats with the online shop love!! <3
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  2. That is tiring. :|
    Anyway, congrats with your online shop. Starting a shop is hard. But I know you'll get through it. Goodluck!!
    & andvanced Happy Birthday to you! :D

  3. Hope you're feeling well now sissy. Good luck with the online shop and advance happy birthday to you and shugah! weee birthday treat! XD
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  4. Good luck with your business. :)

  5. Get well soon babe! Traveling can be VERY tiring. Hehehe. ;)

    Congrats and good luck for your online shop. Do you provide international shipping? If you do, I might popped out from somewhere and buy. :p

    And happy advance birthday! Hope you have a blast!
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  6. Just wandering around and saw your blog. Well, you should be taking care of yourself. I know you have been traveling a lot because you need to and no matter how others would say to minimize the excessive things that we do , we couldn't. Been there, done that. So my advice is to take some vitamins, how about stresstabs so that you'll get immuned. Anyway, congrats to your new online shop. That's an achievement.


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