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The 3 Best Skin Care Tips

Several things throughout your day may negatively impact your skin, such as sunlight and pollution. There are several products that can reduce harm and restore balance, but something as small as the time of day they are applied can reduce their efficiency.

Skin care can seem complicated, but when you get the basics down, the rest fall into place.


In the mornings, delicately rub a gentle cleanser over your face with your bare fingers. Pat dry and follow up with a toner to give you a squeaky clean feeling and reduce the appearance of pores. In the evenings, start your routine with a cold cream or makeup remover before moving on to cleanser.


When you put on skincare products in the morning, it should be like putting on a suit of armor for your skin. Pick serums and moisturizers that have Vitamin C, such as Caviar day cream, as it's an antioxidant. Be sure to follow it up with sunscreen.

In the evenings your moisturizers and serums should be formulated to help with your skin's natural restoration and include ingredients like retinol. Another benefit of applying retinol products at night is that they won't be exposed to sunlight, which can make them lose effectiveness. Retinol can also make your skin photosensitive, so applying it at night cuts out irritation and drama.


If you are using multiple products, look at the ingredient list to decide when to apply them. If they have a water base, they should go on your face before you apply moisturizer, as they are easiest to absorb. If they have an oil base, they should go on last as they can prevent products placed over them from absorbing. 

Some products need to be kept in the dark or refrigerated to prevent denaturing. Read labels carefully so you are sure you're getting the most out of your products.

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