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Why People Visit Emergency Dentists

Emergency dental care is aimed at ensuring you can get the help you need when you need it. If you leave an infected or damaged tooth alone, you risk the infection spreading and becoming even more serious.

Why Would You Need to Visit an Emergency Dentist?

While doctors in emergencies rooms deal with health emergencies, they’re not usually familiar with dental care. They may be able to triage any issues you have by stopping bleeding, but they cannot restore a damaged tooth. If you head to the emergency room for dental pain, they will provide pain relief for you, but may not be able to find out what’s causing the pain and then solve it.

This is the reason you need to visit an emergency dentist in Brisbane or in your local area. Keep in mind that even if you do go to the emergency room, you’re probably going to have to visit the dentist in any case.

What Kinds Of Procedures Will An Emergency Dentist Perform?

Emergency dentists provide the same types of services you will find at a traditional dental office. Below, we look at some of the most common reasons people need to visit an emergency dentist.

1. Damage

It’s pretty common for teeth to get damaged in an accident, be it a workplace injury, sports injury or any other kinds of incident. During emergency dental care, the dentist can fix a cracked or chipped tooth or even repair a tooth that has been knocked out.

For fast results, an emergency dentist may use dental bonding. The bonding is a tooth-coloured resin material that is placed on top of the tooth, moulded into shape and then hardened using a specially-designed dental light. This treatment can be done in one visit, which means you can walk into the dental office with a cracked tooth and leave with a fully restored one. Other solutions such as dental veneers and crowns are available, too, to correct damage. These options often require two visits.

2. Toothaches and Pains

Many patients head to the emergency dentist when they are suffering with a major toothache. In fact, it’s one of the number one reasons people seek out care immediately instead of waiting for their dentist to open in the morning.

When toothache strikes, it is debilitating, and an emergency dentist can offer relief. It’s worth noting that most toothaches don’t just strike without warning. There are usually signs that include sensitivity to heat or cold, discomfort when biting down and irritation when brushing.

One of the most common reasons people suffer bad toothache is severe infection or decay. An emergency dentist may need to carry out a root canal to resolve the issue. Discomfort usually comes with infection, so removing it can help you feel better almost immediately.

The dentist will start by numbing the area and proving anaesthesia. A small hole will be created in the tooth so that the infected part can be removed. Once that’s done, the area is cleaned and sealed.

Often, tooth pain is debilitating and does require a trip to the emergency dentist.

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