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My Cup of Tea: This 2017, I Will...

Love myself more. 
I have a tendency to forget myself, especially when I am attached to something. This year, I will put an end to it. It is time that I also think of myself - not just materialistically but in all aspects of love.  I will put more thoughts and actions to my physical, mental and spiritual health. After all, how we love ourselves is how we teach others to love us.

Give more to the needy.
I've been earning since college. And although, I give to charity, I think the amount is almost immaterial. This time, I would like to give not just money or things, I want to give time, effort and knowledge that would be beneficial to them. If you have an organization which helps the poor that I can help with, please feel free to send me an email.

Learn and read more.
I have numerous books to read this year. I promised myself to finish them all. Rather than spending more time on social media, I will be in the little corner of my room - reading and digesting knowledge. So, messages will be entertained only on my free time.

Stick to budget and save more.
I admit, I am not thrifty. I spend on things that I like without thinking much if I really need them. This time, I will be more subtle on spending. I will be religious in taking notes and auditing my finances this year.

Travel within my budget.
I love traveling. But I don't like preparing a budget or sticking to it. Thus, I always end up spending beyond the amount that I intended for the travel. This time, I will make sure that my travel will be within allotted budget only - no more extras.

Say "No."
The past year taught me that no matter how you make an effort for people, they will still not be pleased with you unless they like you. This year, I won't make an effort for relationships that will not add to the betterment of the society or to me or to you. So, this time, I am going to say no to some people. And if you are one of the people that I will be saying no to, please evaluate our relationship. If you think that I am in the wrong side, talk to me. We will start from there.

Invest in education.
I started this already. I've been happily enrolling in online courses and keeping books that will contribute to my learnings. I started reading daily again, too. Alhamdulillah for the interest in gaining more knowledge.

Lastly and more importantly, focus on my deen before anything else. 
There is nothing else that I would wanna be rather than a better person than I was in terms of my religion and beliefs. I always cling onto my prayers in times of happiness and sorrow. Of course, I will not let myself be drowned away by this world. I have to focus on getting better and better.

This year, I am entering the later part of my 20s. I am technically in the phase of entering the adulthood (because in the earlier phase, I felt like I was still a teenager - utterly confused). This time I will do it better and be easy on myself. I will forgive myself. And I will always always always be grateful.


  1. Mentioned budget twice, may guilt actor ba ang spending last year? LOL. Parang gusto kong kopyahin to at ito na mismo isulat ko sa planner ko for 2017 goals.

    1. huhuh! i really need to save na, aye. :( i must, this year~!

  2. Love it. Almost the same with mine. Except Travel within my budget. lol. but In shaa Allah ☝

  3. I'm still finalizing my 2017 goals but most of yours will probably end up on it! Here's to us doing better year by year, day by day.

    xo, Richel V. | Richel Goes Places

  4. Great goals Kai! Of course, I need that last one on my list too and to go with it, the knowledge that goes with it - need to study / memorize more surahs from the Qur'an and commit more time to quiet, reflective moments.

    Looking forward to seeing how this year goes for you!

    1. yes big bro. we all need the last one. in sha Allah, we will be granted knowledge and act upon them.

  5. 100% support these goals. Let's make 2017 a better year than our previous years.

    "Stick to budget and save more."

    1. thanks clint! huhuh. oo nga. stick to budget tlga dapat. T_T

  6. You should always love yourself, Kai. Because as they say, "if you can't love yourself, who else will?" I believe everything starts within yourself. I'm sure you're already starting doing it without noticing it, so I only hope you'll get to recognize it. :)

    I have never travelled within a budget because even if I set a budget I always exceed it haha The problem is the food, because we love eating,we always spend extra for food. No regrets though! Hahaha

    Goodluck on your goals for this 2017. I'm sure they're pretty achievable. :)


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