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My Cup of Tea: My Favorite Rumi Quotes

I have not known any person who does not like quotes, poems and books of Rumi. All of his writings are spot on and everyone can relate to. 

Here are some of my favorite lines and quotes from him, although I love most of what he said. ^_^

In generosity and helping others, be like a river 
In compassion and grace, be like the sun 
In concealing others' faults, be like the night 
In anger and fury, be as if you have died 
In modesty and humility, be like the soil 
In tolerance and acceptance, be like the sea 
In presenting yourself to others, either appear as you are or be as you appear.


Your task is not to seek for love, 
but merely to seek and find all the barriers 
within yourself that you have built against it.


The wound is the place where the Light enters you.


The minute I heard my first love story,

I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.
They're in each other all along.


Don't be satisfied with stories, 
how things have gone with others. 
Unfold your own myth.


Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript oƒ a divine letter.
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face. 
This universe is not outside of you. 
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want, 
you are already that.


You think you are alive
because you breathe air?
Shame on you, 
that you are alive in such a limited way.
Don't be without Love, 
so you won't feel dead.
Die in Love 
and stay alive forever.


Your heart is the size of an ocean. 
Go find yourself in its hidden depths.


Hardship may dishearten at first, 
but every hardship passes away. 
All despair is followed by hope; 
all darkness is followed by sunshine.


You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop.


Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.


Are there any Rumi quotes that you love? Share them to me in the comments.

1 comment:

  1. My favorite is

    "Don't be satisfied with stories,
    how things have gone with others.
    Unfold your own myth."


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