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How To Style Leggings

How to Style Leggings

Leggings are a popular clothing choice for women, as it allows them to split the difference between style and comfort. However, it can be challenging to figure out how to wear them in the proper manner. If you do not cover the seams and ensure you choose the proper fabric, you could be in for a world of embarrassment. There's plenty of interesting stylizations you can get inspiration from on the Internet , even on such pictures as stock photographies! If you ever find yourself in need of actually purchasing such an image, remember that you can get some nice discounts when you visit Discountrue or other couponing websites.

And now, read on to learn more about helpful tips for styling your next set of leggings!

Pair Them With A Billowy Top
For ladies who have small frames, but still wish to give the appearance of curves, pairing their leggings with a billowy top is a recipe for success. Full figured women can choose to wear their leggings with a billowy top in hopes of keeping problem areas hidden from sight. This combination works particularly well for women who wish to flatter their stomach, arms and thighs.

Wear Leggings With A Sweater Dress
Sweater dresses are the perfect companion piece for leggings and they are recommended for women who are just getting started wearing leggings. Your best bet if you wish to avoid the criticism that often comes with wearing leggings as a substitute for pants? Make sure that the sweater you choose is long enough. Give yourself a few inches of breathing room, by selecting a sweater dress that ends several inches past the hips.

Rock Your Tunic and Jacket
Women who seek a different feel and do not wish to go with the typical dress and leggings look can opt to rock their leggings with a tunic and jacket. When you want to keep the goodies tucked away, but give off an edgier vibe, the tunic/jacket/leggings combo is the way to go. Plan on wearing a shorter top? Then do a mirror test before you head out, so that you can make sure that the material of your leggings cannot be seen through.

Grab A Cardigan
A cardigan is one of the easiest solutions to the whole "what do I wear with my leggings?" questions that plagues so many women. The right cardigan with the right pair of leggings evokes a feeling of simple sophistication. It also provides the comfort of a hoodie, while not appearing to be too dressed down, giving you a clean and natural look.


Leggings are not always a no go when it comes time to dress business casual, although mileage can definitely vary. A tweed blazer, paired with leggings that are faux leather, allows for a more classic look, especially when they are paired with a fine piece of jewelry, such as pearls.

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