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Lovely Cocktail Dresses for Special Occasions

Make you day ultra special by putting on a lovely dress that will surely flaunt your true womanly beauty and make you turn heads. Whether in a simple candle lit dinner with your special someone or in an expensive party, these dresses will surely fit your personal style.

If you are on a dilemma on looking for the perfect cocktail dress, worry not! Simply visit this link to give you a variety of choices.

If you have big frame and dream of achieving a "slender" look, check out our Champagne Lace Off Shoulder Long Plus Size Dress! With a price reduction from P4880 TO P968, you're sure to get the ultimate look you want with confidence! Plus, you get more than what you pay for.

Champagne Lace Off Shoulder Long Plus Size Dress

Check out our Short Dresses for Cocktail Party if you desire to get a "Barbie doll" like look. Whether light or tan-skinned, you'll never go wrong with this. The dress comes in a variety of colors such as Red, White, Light Blue, Black, and Pink! It has a shiny bronze-like elegant band to line your waist and gives the dress a more gorgeous look. Since this dress is flaunty, a dazzling pair of earrings would be great to wear. But wait, there's more that meets the eye. Simply click on this link:

Chiffon Short Dresses

If you're the more conservative type yet still want to show some back skin without much worries, make our Beige Chiffon Lace Backless Long Dress you number one choice. This cocktail dress is suitable for weddings and wine or tea parties or simply during girl talks over cups of coffee. A pastel colored clutch bag will match this piece beautifully.

Beige Chiffon Lace Backless

For more product inquiries and orders, simply email us at: You are entitled to shipping fee benefits if you order more of our lovely cocktail dresses. We will guarantee your satisfaction for true style and design!

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