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Online Shopping Tips

I love online shopping just as I love going to boutiques. E-commerce is truly an invention that I most treasure. It doesn’t only save my time; I also can shop in my PJs at home while sipping tea after fajr (early morning prayer in Islam). However, as this innovation in shopping experience reached its zenith today, there are more people being scammed across the web on their purchases. Also, a lot of people are spending more than they should be on one item.


For this post, I am going to give 3 tips which I always use before purchasing. Here we go.

Before hitting payment, look for coupon codes, discount codes or promotional codes.
Almost all online shops give out coupon codes to bloggers and coupon sites. Take advantage of these codes to cut down the cost of your purchases. Google is most helpful on this matter. Or in this case, you can just go to Savingmart Philippines to look for available discount codes.

Did you know that they offer Zalora discount codes at Savingmart? Ah! Pure bliss. Imagine buying pants costing Php 1,000. Then, you found a discount code of 20% at Savingmart. Now, that is Php200 markdown on price. You have saved 200 freaking pesos!

Unless it is a well-renowned online store like Amazon, Zalora or Lazada, do your research on the legitimacy of the seller.

Most of the people who get scammed just jump into buying from sellers they hardly know. Before I purchase anything, I make us of Google to search for the legitimacy of the seller. In case of instagram, facebook and other social networks seller, I ask friends and acquaintances regarding these.

Also, reviews and testimonials matter. Though, they can be crafted to the liking of the seller, you will be able to find information regarding bad records of the seller.

If there is a Cash on Delivery or Meetup (only true if you are in the same place as the seller) payment option, always take it.

There is a tendency when you already have sent the payment for the seller to back out. After all, he already has your money. If you take cash on delivery or meetup method, there is lower risk of being scammed by the seller. However, most of the online shops (such as those in IG, FB, etc) prefer that you send the payment first. Then, this is the time you check whether they posted their bank accounts as payment options. Scammers tend to use money remittance or pera padala since they can easily get away from these.

Those are my top 3 tips for online shopping. I hope I helped somehow. And oh, you can add more in the comment box.


  1. I love online shopping too but these days I shop less than the old days, trying to safe more money hehe. thank you for the tips dear! ♥

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    1. Me too! I have no money to spend on online shopping anymore. T___T


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