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How to Accessorize for Prom

Prom is all about glamour and, well, attention. Most of the girls probably already have their prom dresses by now. But, there will always be those who are never ready for prom. And for those kinds of people who are still having a hard time on choosing what to wear and how to accessorize their boring prom dresses, you’ve come to the right blog.

Before anything else, I want to tell my hijabi readers, please make sure that you maintain your modesty always. Though prom might come twice only in your life, it is much better to be modest and timid. Prom must not dictate you on what to wear or how to act, you dictate prom.

It really does not matter if you choose a dress from Cheap Prom Dresses available in MissDressShop. Girl, what matters is you know how to bring it.

Know Your Dress

You should know your dress and its details. Not unless you are planning to go all plain or be a Christmas tree, you have to know everything about your dress.

If your dress has too much details already, you can just opt to wear earrings, bracelet and a ring; thereby omitting the necklace. If you think your dress is too plain, then it is time to head on to your accessories drawer and pick that set of accessories that would give your overall look a splash.

Be Minimal

Please don’t overdo your look by wearing a lot of accessories. Less is always more. And simplicity is beautiful. Wearing too much color will just cause sore in the eyes of others. Be sure to be in your limit – your motif for the night. Diamonds and pearls are always frontliners on jewelry used for any occasion. But do not limit yourself on those two mentioned, of course.

Your Smile is the Best Accessory

And most importantly, bring your smile to the prom. It is one of the best accessories that a girl already has and it is free. If you could be happy during prom, then everything else is just bonus.

Your prom is not about being the most beautiful during highschool. It is about being happy and socializing with others.


  1. I agree with you here! Keeping accessories to a minimum is a plus and keeping the dress classy is essential. When you look back at photos of prom you don't want your look to appear dated or trashy. I had an amazing time at my prom and love dressing up for formal events. Lovely blog, I'm a new follower and I look forward to reading more from you :)

  2. Excellent suggestion about the smile! Here is how *I* accessorize:


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