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My Top 3 Ideal Lazada Gadgets

If you know me, then you know that I have a fetish for clothes, hijabs, books, cosmetics and gadgets. These are things that you would wanna give to me as gifts. lol

As a blogger, I constantly need to update my gadget wishlist, and of course, find ways to have them. It is like an investment which will lead to positive results. Anyway, I have been digging into Lazada Philippines website today to feed my love for gadgets. I always do this on my free time. And I end up wanting to buy more gadgets. Hello budget!

3 - Lenovo Netbooks and Laptops

I own a Lenovo S10-3 now. I have been using this since June 2011. It is really durable and long-lasting. Not to mention, highly portable. Too see more Lenovo laptops and gadgets, click here.

2 - iPhones

Who doesn't like iPhones? I would want to have one in the future. But, considering the stingy person that I am, I guess I am just gonna forgo the idea for now. Maybe soon enough, I will be able to own one. ^^ Or if not, maybe I can look for an equal or better gadget.

1 - Canon EOS M 18MP Mirrorless Camera
My good friend, Rhea Bue uses this camera. Ma sha Allaah, the shots are incredible. I just wanna grab one for me. Really. Talking about chic and quality photos, this is your best partner. <3

Three gadgets above are some of the blogger weapons that I need to have. It is not gonna be easy. You know I am the head of the family now, and I have other things to take care of. But, I would love to work harder to have these gadgets. 

What are your top 3 gadgets this 2014? 


  1. I have a lenovo U310 touch and I love it! Lenovo have really great laptops! Also, android phones are worth every penny and they beat out iphones in my opinion! You should try the Galaxy Nexus phones, theyre amazing!

  2. Assalam Aleykum Kai!I so feel you on that whole budget thing!I'm in my second year of college and my biggest job is preventing myself from going broke!lol anyways my top gadgets on my wishlist would have to be a samsung tablet,canon camera 600D and probably sigma and fish lens!Oooh also a surround system and a TV in my dorm room would be cool lol :)

  3. Hi it's me ate amera!! I would love to have that cam also!


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