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Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Ring

Getting married is an exciting time in any person’s life. You have to think about a billion things. Get the caterer, choose the menu, find a musician, and find a location. You cannot forget to order the flowers, and, most importantly, you have to get the ring! 

What could be more special than personally designing the ring your spouse will wear for the rest of her life? Choosing the Right Band The wedding band has always symbolized the never-ending vow to care for one another made on a couple’s big day. 

Personal style plays a big role in the ring you choose. Some options include:
 • Platinum
 • Rose Gold
 • White Gold
 • Two Tone Gold 

Choosing the Stone – 

Size and Shape Some brides prefer the classic Diamond for their wedding ring, while others prefer to ignore tradition. Choose from Diamond, Sapphire, or Ruby for the center stone and the surrounding gems when creating your own ring. 

Sapphires are durable, long lasting, and vibrant. There are colors to match any bride’s preference. Sizes vary from about 3mm to 12mm. The stones come in a multitude of shapes. The choice includes Round, Princess, Emerald, Radiant, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Heart, and Cushion. 

Keep in mind the band design and setting when deciding the size and shape to ensure a perfect-looking finished product. Make your bride’s day one she will never forget by designing or purchasing wedding rings from

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  1. So many options! It's overwhelming! I'm getting to the point where I actually need to start considering things like rings and diamonds and such! Eek! Thanks for sharing this post! I followed you with GFC. Hope you can follow back!

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