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Walk Gorgeously with Shoe Cushions

New shoes, wet floors, slick surfaces. Those were just some of the many problems of shoe-loving person worldwide. I am not a shoe collector, but I have tried on many shoes already. Some of them won't add up the gorgeous factor as you walk because it's either the soles are too hard or the surface you walk on are too smooth.

Now, you don't have to worry about simple things such as slick floors in most of the buildings or the hard sole of your shoes. Foot Petals introduces shoe insert, cushions, and pads.

So, how will these help you? The shoe inserts are made of comfortable materials just to accommodate your feet well in your shoes. They give you that soft cushion feel while you wear your killer heels.

Have you also noticed how buildings like floors that feels as smooth as a mirror? Probably there were times that you almost fell down on your face because of the slick tiles.

It's a good thing that aside from shoe inserts, there are also sole stopperz from Foot Petals which will stop your from falling down while you walk on the slick floor of your office or the mall.

Now, you won't have to worry about falling down on your face while you walk consciously. Because if you still fall down, that means, your heck of a clumsy girl. hahaha. Just kidding.

These products are must-haves in every girl's shoes. They add comfort while you strut that red stilettos. They give assurance of not falling down because of slick floors. Lastly, the design is just so beautiful. ^___^


  1. i guess i have all of them with me haha. I wear high heels anywhere I go. This inserts help me a lot and gives me much support when i walk in high heels specially those new shoes that's deadly! xx

  2. I only wear flats and and sneaker type shoes. haha :3 i rarely wear heels nakakapagod kasi maglakad. I don't feel comfy weary high heels except for occasions :)


  3. I think I definitely need that! :)) That would help me a lot to keep my balance :)

  4. I remember I posted an article about this shoe cushion too. hihihihi :) I really want this kase lagi akong nag cocommute..para naman hindi mamatay paa ko. nyahahahaha :D


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