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Awesome Bloggers I Look Up to

I have been blogging sometime now since 2007. Friendster blogs started all my vogue for blogging. With that span of time, there are several bloggers that I look up to since I started. In this post, I would like to give tribute to those bloggers who have always been my inspiration to still be blogging.

This will be in random as I am trying to remember every person.

Okay, so let me start with Princess Que’s blog. She is from my place, Tawi-Tawi. And we were friends in friendster. I think, it all started in that friendster world. You could check out her blog, it is still up but with no more updates from her. She is Rhea’s friend anyway. ;) Rhea was more of an inspiration for me to still be blogging after being oh-so-lazy. I mean, she is so nice and all of that.

As I move into the blogspot system, I have found several bloggers that wowed me with their blog themes which of course I was a noob! I was clueless and I did not know that you can get all of those pretty themes at haha.

Roxy was so kind to tell me all of those. She was my textmate. Gosh, this makes me sob remembering all of those good times. We were in this same clan which I forgot the name. We were surprised to know that we are into blogging. Hah! Roxy’s site is still up too but with no updates.

Moving on, I was into Kimdonesia. She was once a Muslimah but chose to be an atheist later on. I was disappointed when she backed out on Islam. Kim’s site however is now down due to major outrage by the people.

Next is Anne. Well, I chose to link pinkfab to her name because that is the site where I started to be wowed by her theme-making prowess. Sometimes, I want her creativity to draw into me. :D I mean, when you say themes, my mind tells me eventually: it’s Anne.

As you all know, I am a Muslimah. Way back in 2008, I limit myself to reading Muslim blogs only. That’s the time when I met Zaufishan and MuslimFirst. They were the most awesome blogger I know. They are sweet, friendly, and everything. :) It’s so sad that MuslimFirst had to delete his blog. How I miss him. :(

When I talk of fashion, I do not mean the kind of fashion that most of the girls are into. I am talking more about Muslimah couture. That is where Hana comes in. She is awesome and all of that. She owns a modest fashion line called Maysaa. Need I say more?

There are hundreds of Muslim fashion blogs that I stalk in my everyday life. Some of them are: Hijabscarf, Shea, Jasmine, Hijab Revival, Fiminin, Fatima, and Adriani. These are not just Muslimah. They are stunning and beautiful in their modest fashion styles. ;)

I love vintage fashion. Karla showed me how vintage should be spelled out in your fashion statement.

Lastly, there are three more super duper awesome people that I look up to in my whole blogging life in this site,, they are none other than Cei, Mara, and Nadine. Why? Because their awesomeness is drawn into me in a thing called friendship. :)

To all other bloggers, I thank you all for the constant exchange of comments and messages. We rock!


  1. good choices. checked their blogs and yeahhh. awesome!

  2. well i really look up to anne. she's really talented and just so imaginative! :) and hey! you're good with themes too! your themes are cute! :)

    ps: i also have muslimah friends. they are really nice and just so naturally sweet! they can keep secrets bigtime!

  3. this is a sweet post :)

    i know some of those bloggers and they're really awesome. lemme check the other bloggers. i might also have a wow on them :)

  4. my inspiration on making themes was ate SWITPOTATO but sadly she stopped for some personal reasons i really missed her. And i agree with you Anne is very talented i look up to her too. :)

  5. we've got the same thought when it comes to beautiful theme. name it! Anne of :) and yes, like you, i've also found good friends here in the blogging world. with this hobby that we have, we never thought that we could find good friends through this. but hey! some of us was able to find even best friends. ;)

  6. ngayon ko lang nabasa ito, super touched ako! waaaaaaa no way!hehe. Anw I look up to you too sis, just so you know:) I am amazed sa hard work mo :) SUPER!

    God bless and take care <3

  7. that's cool.. i know cei and nadine.. they've been very nice to me every since i have my own domain. :D


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