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The Long Off-Blog Vacation

Hi guys, it's been a long time since I posted a decent one in here. How is everybody? Actually, I was not really in the mood to blog about things these days. I just make several sponsored posts. Yes, I write them for the fact that I want to get myself a Kindle Wifi to feed my reading addiction. :love:

Hopefully, I can have it by next week. It costs $139 solely without the shipping fees and import duties. It is a treat for myself for working hard with all of those sponsored tasks and everything. :dizzy: Plus, the semestral break is coming up. That means, I will be off to a vacation at my hometown, Bongao Tawi-Tawi. Yey! I can't wait. I'm thrilled already. Anyway to make up to you guys, here's a photo (taken from my other blog) of me wearing a skirt to school for the first time. I love jeans but the skirt was really cool! Hahah.

I will get to you guys soon as the final exams are over. For now, I am still busy uplifting my low grades to maintain my spot in the Dean's List. Wish me luck. Love and miss you all, blogging friends. :inlove:


  1. Wow~ Good luck on getting the Kindle wi-fi sis! You're so diligent and hard-working with all those tasks and sponsored posts.. :) You sure deserve getting something for all the hard work! ^^ Btw, love the skirt! It's really chic.. I love those kinds of skirts too, hopefully I can wear something like that to school someday.. :) Oh, and good luck with your final exams.. You can do it! ;)

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. It makes me feel horrible, that I won't even pick up the phone to call mine. I think I'ma try to call him today.

  3. good luck with the kindle and you final exam. And have fun on your vaca. cute pic too.


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