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Good day beloved. I am so happy because exams are finally done. Alhamdulillah. Back to normal. I guess I will be blogging a lot by now. I am planning to change my dear theme as I am growing tired of looking at it. I am planning to put my themes for freebies too. :) Isn't that cool? Hahah.

I am so excited. Hello first day of August. Ramadhan* is fast approaching. I am eager to fast already. =) Yay! It is the month wherein I will be able to correct all the mistakes I have done and start anew. This month, I will see to it that I will pray for each soul who has left from our school starting June such as one of the best teachers in the name of Grizelda Albao and the Nursing student who was hold-upped and got killed.

Anyway, my bestfriend is now officially in the blogosphere. She has been tumblring a lot though. Please have time to visit and welcome her at She is one of my college bestfriends. We have this group called f5. ;D

At the moment, I am craving for something like these: :yum:

*Ramadhan - a month in Lunar or Islamic calendar wherein Muslims fast each day for 29 to 30 days.


  1. omg thank you kaii! i love your new theme and ung way ng pagkaarrange ng pics mo :) haha ako still going through knowing this whole new thing. chaar :D nilagay ko blog mo sa links ko. naks! helping each other! haha bongga :D

  2. Glad the exams are over, you passed them all I hope? I have a few friends who are also fasting, I managed to go along for two weeks last year, didn't really managed to fast a whole month, but this year i'm going to do my best. By the way, i love the new layout :)


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