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My Crazy Reasons To Love Hijab

Aside from the most important fact that it is an order from the Almighty Allah, I love wearing hijab for several reasons too. I am going to list down some of my craziest and silliest reasons why I love wearing the headscarf, more known to Muslim girls as hijab.

Number one reason why I love using the hijab is that it protects my hair from the dust and pollution. Every other girl I know complains of pollution causing their hair to dry and get damaged. I, on the other hand, have no problem with it. Hey, my hijab is protecting my hair.

Just look at that smoke which will destroy your hair. Ah. I can't even imagine!

Aside from the smog in the surroundings, my hijab serves as my nose cover whenever there are smokers. I really don't bring handkerchiefs. :D That's why, sometimes (okay! often) I use my hijab. :D

Another reason why I love hijab is on the side of fashion. Many girls wished that they can change the color of their hair that will suit their outfit.

I don't have to worry about that! I can always pick a color of a hijab that would go perfectly with my outfit. Though, it is not easy to mix and match, I always enjoy the moment of choosing clothes and hijabs. I just love the feeling. Really!

Next reason is drizzle. Iligan is a place that the drizzle loves to visit. And it is not everyday that I bring my umbrella. It's a good thing that I wear my hijab whenever I go out of the house. It kind of serves as a shield against the drizzle. Haha!

Whenever it is drizzling, my friends would always comment on how lucky I am to be wearing a hijab. :D

Many people who dislike wearing hijab says that it causes them headache. Actually, no. The right thing to do is find a way for that headache to disppear. One great thing to do is to let dry your hair first before putting on your hijab. I assure you, you won't have headache and your hair will still smell good after a long day at work when you are using hijab. For me, conscience from not wearing the hijab is far more painful than the headache, as many suggest, that it will cause.

FYI, I had not experienced headache in my 16 years of wearing hijab. As what they say, it is all in the mind!

So yeah. Those were some of my million reasons to love hijab. What I am trying to say is, to those girls wearing and soon to wear hijab, look at the bright side. Do not look at Islam rules as hindrance to your happiness. Make it a source of your joy. I will quote it once again; It's all in the mind.


photos are from Google and Deviantart.


  1. YEah! I like the way you paired hijab with your daily outfit. It really looks good on you girl. Keep it up! :)

  2. Ikaw lang ang nakita kong naka hijab na kering-keri! Ganda e!

  3. Weh? You haven't experienced headache in 16 years? That's a shocker! Haha! Akala ko halos lahat nakaka-experience ng sakit sa ulo. Oh well, nice points in here (:

  4. anne. i meant, i haven't had headache due to wearing the hijab. that was my point. 

    of course i have had headaches due to lack of sleep, etc, but deifinitely not from wearin hijab.

  5. at tumaba ang puso ko sa sinabi mo clint. hahaha. :D solomot ng moromo!

  6. I'd like to wear hijab too, di ko alam yon pala tawag dun hehe. I tried once, pero it doesn't look nice on me. Parang di ko sya keri get? haha. I like your points of view :) and btw link exchange tayo ? :D

  7. nice post! :) good thing u loved wearing hijab, bagay nmn din sau sis eh! :) fashionista... :)

  8. aww, sorry if I got the wrong idea =/

  9. those are greta ideas sis.. especially the one where you'll just change the color of your hijab to match your outfit.. have you taken a picture wherein wala kang hijab na suot? hehe just wondering..


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