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2012 Fashion Resolutions

So, it's already 2012. Are you sure that you would not change your look? I mean, sure. You are who you already are. However, it is fun to change a bit in your wardrobe too.

Been wearing that same style all your life? Let's sit and talk a while. <3

daily fit

A lot of Filipinos wear the typical jeans with tshirt and rubber shoes. Who does not? Hypocrite! It's the usual style here in the Philippines.

Instead of wearing your old pair of jeans, why not try something fresh like, maybe a skirt? Or those pants with different colour other than the typical blue jeans? It's always better to try. Maybe it's the look you can pull better.


Try to color block too. It's one of the things that can make you look better. You can make a big difference with just mixing and matching colours. Believe me.

No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti .

A skirt can make you appear more feminine. Why not go boho and pair it up with a lacy sleveless cardigan? Or, you can still go rock chick by wearing Chucks with your skirt. You can also try mini skirts. That is, if you are allowed. For me, I'd go with maxi skirts. <3

L'on est bien faible quand on est amoureux.

Palazzo pants have been in the fashion scene for quite a while now too. Why not take the chance and wear one? To tone down the look, wear that loose shirt as a top. You will find it refreshing.

And oh. Instead of using the usual tote bag, why not use clutches too? I've seen really cool clutches in town for a very affordable price. Instead of wearing off your Chucks, try to wear wedges and heels too. Last most important thing, do not forget to accessorize. They tell the world your style. But remember, they can either make or break your look. So, go with accessories that complement your look.

I am not saying that you should really change everything you've known about yourself. I am just saying that, why not try something else this 2012? Who knows? You might be the next style icon in your locality. Go on. Don't be afraid to try something else.

Life should be in moderation. Even moderation should be moderate. That means, you must go for extremes sometimes. That's a quote my mother always tells me. You should try it in your life. It works.

Being fashionable isn't about following the rules. It's in breaking them and pulling it off. :) - from Rhea's status.


  1. I've always been the jeans kind of girl but I will definitely try out something new this year!  :D

    Anyway, I'm having a big giveaway on my blog. I hope you can join if you have time. Thanks :D

    Peaches on Top giveaway:

    ZENJ giveaway:

  2. Nakakainis tlg ang net. So mahina haha hindi ko makita ang Pictures. kung ok nmn ung disqus nmn hnd. Eek! anyway agree ako sau! Changing into a little some new. Gusto q rin ng mga trousers pero saan ko nmn gagamitin haha

  3. I agree!! usually jeans and shirt tayo..kase sanay na. hahaha.. and sometimes it's really nice if we break out from our "comfort zone" and try new things diba? :) talagang gusto ko nang matry yang palazzo pants.. but I have to try the trousers first. nyahahhaa. .XD

  4. My main resolution for this year talaga sis is to stay fit na.. I wanna get slimmer kahit kaunti pa!! :)) hahah and wear really nice clothes especially with the main color of the year na tangerine! I always try those palazzo pants but I feel like di siya bagay sakin coz mof my height. heheh. Short stature ba sis. ;)) anywways, cheers for 2012!!♥

  5. I like your look books! They're a bit too fancy for me, but I get what you mean about changing things up. I'm definitely a jeans girl, especially now that it's wintertime. But, I do have a variety of jeans, so I never wear the same pants too often.

  6. Hii dear! Thanks for visit my blog ^^ I'll try to update more and more :)
    Your fashion tips are great, I'm so addepted to jeans that I forgot to wear skirt, I'll try to renew a little more my style this year :D

  7. Hii dear! Thanks for visit my blog ^^ I'll try to update more and more :)
    fashion tips are great, I'm so addepted to jeans that I forgot to wear
    skirt, I'll try to renew a little more my style this year :D

  8. weeee. Kelangan ko na nga magchange ng clothes ko. Haha. Puro pants and shirt na lang ako lagi eh. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. its really good to try something new sis, esp sa fashion world haha nakakaexcite.. para u will knw what style really fits u. ;)

  10. Nakuuuu I love your combis! I'm looking into having more fashionable and trendy clothes this year. Actually jan sa pinas di ako mahilig sa jeans...maka short shorts ako sa init sabay high heels. LOL. This year I pledge to try something different. More power satin sis! Loveyouuu!

  11. You are indeed a fashionista, love all your picks! :D more so on the wedges 0.0 as in and  wow heels :) love all of those stuffs above ^^

  12. haha! I agree sis! Most of the Filipino's do those kind of outfit. But since every day is changing marami naring nag a-upgrade. Even for myself. I am trying new things. haha!  to gain more confidence na rin siguro. xD I want to wear shorts but I'm not gifted when it comes to height and body xD plus mabalbun pako. haha. o___O kaya most of my outfit are match with pants xD

  13. sis. mas kakaylanganin mo mag-shorts if di naman katangkaran. promise. lalo na ung mini shorts. mas nakakatangkad un tingnan. promise! :)
    ako nga ren eh. mabalahibo. hahaha. good thing, covered ako. :P di ko kelangan magshorts. haha

  14. thank you sis. nakooo. dpat tlga. maginvest tau sa magagandang clothes para maayos naman tayo tingnan. hehehe.
    un nga eh. mainit tlga dto. kumusta naman at covered pa ako? pero i like it. ehehe. para di ako masunog ni Mr. Sun.  hahaha. 

    yay! MORE POWER NGA SIS! thanks. love you toooooooo! <3

  15. eh naman sis. nakakahiya mag shorts! hahah xD hindi kaya ng power ko. magpapaputi muna ako. haha. anu daw? requirement? lol xD

  16. waa! i am one! i only wear shirts and pants. I can't wear skirts for now. i like wearing outfits that just blends in with everything and everyone lol.


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