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They Keep on Haunting

No. I am not talking of ghosts. I am talking of FREAKING THIEVES!!!!

Last night, I was chatting with them beautiful blogging ladies, Rhea, Angela, Mary, Sandra, and Donna. As I was about to shut down the laptop, I heard some noise in our CR. I didn't put any attention to it as I was busy. Then, I heard another sound. This time, it seems like it is a hammering and removing nail sound. I was terrified. I did not want to wake my mom up. I don't want her to freak out. I texted my college best best friend, Kylie because I did not know what to do.

I immediately went to the CR door with scissors in hand. I was a bit reluctant to open. Then came another sound, my mom woke up. She opened the CR door. The noise stopped. We got a mop and made some noise on the CR ceiling. There was no sound for a moment or two. After about 2 minutes, a crawling sound was heard. It's like the sound of a denim cloth on a plywood, like someone is crawling to get away.

When I woke up the next day, a tiny portion of the ceiling is open.

It was really frustrating. I know, MANY HAVE LOST MATERIAL THINGS DUE TO SENDONG. But why resort to stealing? You may not know it but we are struggling as well. My mom has cancer. We don't know where to get money for the coming months. I am working my ass off just to get a good living. I am saving up for my future. Dang those who do not work hard for their living. You can't just go on frightening people.

Now, I am more paranoid to noises. I hear everything. I am alert. I do hope and pray that those people be guided. Let them be enlightened. InshaAllah. Amin! Let them not disturb lives. Let them not destroy lives. Let them not steal. Let them live accordingly.

Please help me pray for our safety. It will be of much help.


  1. i hope it won't happen again though.
    it's scary and we never know what the thief might actually do aside from just steal. stay safe. :/

  2. true sis. life is far more important. haay. i am really praying that he/they don't come back.

  3. OMG! nakakatakot naman yan sis! HUHU! 
    Buti wala nangyaring super masama. Just be ready palagi.

  4. Oh wow. That's so scary sis! At least there they take stuff quietly, dito talaga its much more scarier, they break in the front door and they're armed! D;
    but the good thing sis, that you and your mom are both safe. Safety muna talaga ang priority dapat. So now, maybe you can set up traps just in case.

  5. buti nlng walang gngwang masama sa inyo sis! Praying on your safely and for your mom's health.. :) <3

  6. omg sis good thing you and your mom's ok.. takot din ako s mga ganyan.. and to think na kami lang magkakapatid dito da bahay, buti nalang wala pang ganyan na nagyari sa amin..
    i didn't know your mom has cancer :( i'll pray for her health :) We are all blessed :3

  7. :( this is sad and scary. keep safe sis ha!


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