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Who: Donna Palma

If you haven't known, this is my 400th post in this blog. So for my 400th post, I will be introducing you to one of the bloggers I loved the most. She is a good friend, a singer, and a fashion blogger. I asked a few questions about her. She rigorously answered it all despite her work. So, let's start?

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I am Donna Krizel Palma. I am 20 years old. I graduated from Centro Escolar University last March 2011. I took up BS Nursing and I recently passed the july 2011 Nursing Licensure examination. I am really proud to be a nurse but at the same time sad because I cannot really practice my profession due to job shortage in hospitals.

2. I know you are a singer, can you please tell us more about this talent of yours?

I started singing since I learned how to talk. Haha. I was really loud at home and even now. I remember the first song I sang in front of people, it was entitled “Tell the World”. I was in Grade one and 6 years old at that time. My favorite past time was singing and pretending that I was on stage while holding a comb microphone and I think now, I am still doing it. My first dream when I was young was to be a Popstar.

And by the way, I also love to sing and dance in front of a mirror. Haha! I look funny though. I did not have formal lessons in singing. During my College years, I went out of my shell and joined chorale and contests. I already experienced singing in Cuneta Astrodome because of that and I am really grateful.

3. What is your blog, its niche, and description?

I write personal stuff on my blog. I want to highlight the things that I’ve been through. It also features different looks and things about fashion and beauty. I share my covers and recordings here as well.

4. When and how did you start blogging?

I started blogging 4 years ago, when I was 16 years old. I blog using multiply and whenever I read it, I laugh. It just served as my online diary. I had my first wordpress blog the same year. It was actually a subdomain of Irish’ blog. It was

Then I decided to sign up for free domains so I had when I was 17 years old. I stopped for a while then, I decided to go back so I asked my sister, Dianne to give me one. She gave when I was 19 years old. I enjoy blogging since then. Actually, I introduced Dianne to the blogging world but now she’s more active.

5. What are your plans for 2012?

My plans are to save more and have a job in a hospital. Of course, i still want to practice my profession. I am planning to buy a DSLR camera so that I can take beautiful photos as well. I plan to be more active in blogging to influence others and to be an inspiration as I share my stories.

6. Any messages to your current and future readers?

To all my current readers, thank you so much for giving your time to pass by on my simple blog. I really owe you a lot and I am really happy whenever you give compliments and comments. I really do appreciate those. I love youuu all! To my future readers, thank you in advance. Hihi. To all, I hope you will keep on supporting me. I can feel all your love. Let’s spread love and peace! Thank you.

That was my short interview with Donna baby. I am happy that I was able to let you know of a good friend for my 400th post. :) She's uber pretty, right? Go, check her blog out. You'll love her definitely.



  1. mas nauna pala sya kay dianne sa blogging.. hehe! She resembles her sister a lot (:

  2. wow! this is cool! :D I really like Donna! She deserves getting featured here! :D
    super galing pa niyang kumanta.. artistahin! :D

  3. I thought Dianne introduce her sister to blog. hihi. xD ommyy! I love Donna's voice! super galing! xD plus she's so cute. seeing her pictures kinda looks like Nadine Samonte. hihih

  4. donna... i love her covers... very talented and pretty..

  5. Maganda talaga yang si Donna! Ang galing galing pang kumanta!

  6. Waaa! Thank you so muuuuuch sis. You are so pretty too. Thanks din sa mga nagcomment. Super Thank youuuu talaga. *kilig* :)

  7. ang ganda tlg ni @donnakrizel:disqus ! You girls are good on make ups! Me so noob! :))


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