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The title means congratulations.

It is one of the few things I would love to hear soon, other than I love you, of course.

While writing my previous post, I was in deep frustration. That happens to people like me who did not know what they wanted at the beginning. Let me tell you the story behind this frustration.

Hey, I started attending university at sixteen. I was a minor. I never cared about anything. How would I know what exactly that I wanted?

Aside from that, financial and emotional problems arose too. It was just few months after my father's death when I graduated high school. We were in stage of unstable income. All of our money went into the medication of my father. Let's just say that all of his income from our two stores, one coffee shop, and his whole retirement from MSU TCTO all went into the doctor's fee, chemo, radio therapies, medicines, and so on. My uncle had to sell his van too. We have also borrowed money from other people which is now paid, of course.

When I graduated high school, we were all still in great shock. Though my coping mechanism was indeed great, it still was not enough.  I passed UP Diliman for interior designing but it would cost us about 24,000 per semester when we computed the tuition fee alone. We could not afford that, truth be said. I ended up with accountancy. I chose accountancy for the fact that I was be a SASE scholar which I lost in a matter of .02 in my grades. T_T And yes, I am in my fourth year now. One more year, I will graduate. InshaAllah. On October 2013, I will bear a three-letter to my name, CPA. Amin.

Despite how I fight to love this field, I still long for what I am greatly passionate of. My current coping mechanism is to finish this one and pursue what I loved the most when I am CPA. Sounds like shit? Well, I will be taking 6-month course on designing, that is. At least, I will be able to achieve what I want. All that is in Allah's will. If he will let me, Alhamdulillah. If not, sabr.

I may sound to have regrets. It's a good thing. At least, I now know what I want. It will rather be alarming if I did not know what I wanted, right? There will always be frustrations in all of us. If not, how will be able to dream? How will we be able to tell great stories?

Remember, great stories started with frustrations. Frustrations keep us going. They fuel us to being good persons. InshaAllah, it will bring me to goodness. We just have to keep on dreaming and making things work for us. Then, we will reach the ecstasy - the zenith of our happiness.


  1. If i'm not mistaken. Hindi to ang blog na kinomment q kanina? right? how do you manage more blogs? @@ ang hirap imaintain. hehe

  2. hahah. it's a matter of passion, i guess? lol. i'm quite productive today eh. :D


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