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That One Song

My friend, Zarah, posted this video in our batch (4Vidas) Facebook group. Then, everyone is reminiscing the past. We started talking how Jerry Yan is still so fit and handsome despite his age. And the thing that amazes me most is that I still know each word in the song until today despite the fact that it is in Mandarin.

Yes. I was a fanatic addict. I went loco over the asianovela Meteor Garden. Ah. Childhood. I remembered, it was 2003 when it was first shown on ABS-CBN. It was the only show that made a mark. Really. Every night on TV Patrol, there was a news about Meteor Garden actors and actresses. Everyone even copied San Chai's way of tying her hair and even that cute pink bag of hers.

So yeah. I admit that I really love Meteor Garden (until now actually). I watch the other versions because of my love for this one. I adoooooore Jerry Yan so much. The reason why I admire Lee Min Ho is because he looks like Jerry Yan a lot. :D I know, Lee Min Ho is sooooo gwapo but he's not the topic here. :D

Basically, the song above is one of the songs I know by heart. I may not know the exact meaning (translation is different from the actual and exact meaning of something in its own language) of it because it's plain Mandarin other than the lyrics that goes, "Oh baby baby baby, My baby baby." hahaha I cannot even write down the lyrics. But I can belt it out anytime by mouth.

So, is there something you were fanatic of? And what is a song in different language that you know word by word? :)


  1. hahaha! I love meteor garden before too! lalo na si Dao Ming Zu! I'm not sure if tama yung spelling. nyahahahaha.. :DD basta ang gwapo niya!!! kahit ngayon! :DDD haaay.. those were the days :D

  2. eee! Meteor Garden! Haha gusto ko si nah nakalimutan ko hahaha si wachiley? hahaha hnd q alam ang spelling XD nice to ang song!

  3. haha! Meteor Garden xD minsan lang ako nakakapanuod niyan >.<' kaya di ko masyado alam ang buong story. hihi :3 pero in fairness nakaka kilig ang story nila na makainis. hahaha! o__O

  4. HAHA. Naalala ko to. Addict din ako sa MG before. HAHAHAHA. Ang kyut kyut ni Vaness.


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