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Battling Boredom by Playing Online Games

The pandemic has brought to us something unexpected - staying at home for more than the rest that we need. A lot of us never saw this coming nor we are expecting this to end sooner. Staying at home means we are helping by not exposing one another to the CoVid-19 virus. However, there are struggles and issues that arise by staying in the four corners of our homes, specifically for those who are not really used to it.

Being at home means we get all the time we need to rest and reflect. It also means that we can be spending the whole day doing nothing, which results to boredom. Most of us have gotten used to going out, eating out and vacationing whether in or out of the country. Then, suddenly pandemic in 2020 hits us. Everything about spending time with people was blurred out. We were locked in our homes with nothing to do but wait for it to subside.

Then, people started to get creative. Some used the time to make their used-to-be seemingly impossible dream such as writing a novel, starting a blog or vlog, beginning photography and videography lessons online, come true. Others started to learn how to cook and create new recipes for their family. There are also people who started video streaming the online games that they play.

Online games have been our go-to activity whenever we feel bored or we feel like we need a refresher from our daily lives. Recently, I came across this online game platform, You may think that this is only for card games but you got it all wrong. In fact, they offer variety of games including non-card games, which is by the way amazing!

They offer the classic Solitaire, of course. But they also offer other versions of Solitaire, which are Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Pyramid, Tripeaks, and Golf. Some of the other card games they offer are 5 Stack Blackjack, 21 Blitz, Blackjack Chain, Mau Mau, Spite and Malice (Simple and Extreme), Gin Rummy, Crazy Eights, Euchre, Hearts, and Zero 21. They also offer non-card fun games such as Pacman, A Nonogram A Day, Cookie Monster, Daily Crossword, Daily Sokoban, Daily Sudoku, Letter Scramble, and Tennis; Match Three games such as Candy House, Treasures of Atlantis, Zuma Ball, and Zuma Legend; and, Hidden Object games such as China Temple, Circus Adventure, Garden Secrets Hidden Objects, Hidden Kitchen, Hidden Princess, Medieval Castle Hidden Objects, Pirates and Treasures, and the Palace Hotel.

As someone who likes playing Classic Solitaire, this is something that I can do whenever I feel boredom is striking. You can tell that I have already played a lot in the platform. Moreover, I am a sucker for Pacman because it is simple yet challenging.

You will not have to look for other platforms with lots of games. You can just go to the website and play. Awesome, right? I have been playing the Classic Solitaire since I don’t know when. Haha! And I am loving it because it is a challenging kind of Classic Solitaire.

Is there anything you found happiness in doing during this pandemic? If you have, share it with us and we might learn a lot from you! Because seemingly, this pandemic is not yet ending very soon. We still have to adhere to staying at home for a longer time albeit I know that the time will come that we will be able to travel and see the world once again.

I do hope that we will win against the fight against CoVid-19 very soon.

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