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With Hardship Comes Ease: New Muslim Care Philippines Launching

If you follow my instagram (@kaidarul), you already know that I attended the New Muslim Care Launching program last February 15 at Toyota Auditorium, UP Diliman. Let me share to you my experience that day.

Going to UP Diliman was considerably a long way from Taguig City, but we arrived at Quezon Avenue MRT Station just about 11AM. However, my bestfriend got everything mixed up when she went to North Avenue instead. We had to wait for an hour for her. haha. But it was all good anyway. We arrived at UP just in time for Dhuhr prayer.

The event started at 1:15 with a Qur'an recitation from brother Mohammad who has really moved me to tears. His way of reciting the Qur'an was exceptional even Shaykh Daood was brought to tears. After the recitation, Ustadz Muhammad welcomed us to the program. 

Oh, they also welcomed to the stage, Freddie Aguilar - a local singer that has made his mark in the music industry with his composition, Anak. He shared to us his venture in looking for the one true God that he found only in Islam. His conversion dates back May 2013 even before the wedding with his new wife. 

Then, the big brother (literally?) took the stage. He was the best. I loved the way he attacked every topic in his lecture. The opening he made (hug your brother or sister) was also the best way to be acquainted with your seatmates. 

He also pointed out that he is more than willing to help us when we need someone to talk to, just send him messages in his social networking sites and email. 

After believing (shahada), what comes next?

For every person who believes, Allah gives him trials. We should always be happy when we are tested by Allah. It only means that the Almighty loves us most. He did not forget us. He wants us to be stronger. He wants us to be ready. That is why trials are given to us. We should be in doubt of his love when we are not given trials. If we have, then what is there to doubt?

So, why are we tested?

Tanqiyah - Filtering.

We are given trials because Allaah wants to know if we are truthful as to our actions and words. He wants to know if we are patient for His mercy and blessings. He wants to know if we are good. If you think of it, you won't reach where you are now if you have not been given any tests. Even graduating from college requires hundreds of quizzes and exams to be taken.

Tarbiyyah - Discipline.

Trials are given to discipline us. Sometimes, we become so overwhelmed with good things coming that we forget the Almighty. It can be as shallow as forgetting to eat healthful foods. That's why we are given diseases - to make us think of our diet. Or it can be as deep as forgetting to pray. When we are struck with trials, we almost have Allaah in our hearts and minds every second. 

Tazkiyah - Purification.

Trials are there to remove the unnecessary things from us. It is there to purify us. We are given trials to be better Muslims and human beings. Come to think of it, if we are not given trials, how will we learn? As the saying goes, we learn from our mistakes. But let us not drown ourselves in making mistakes. Strive for perfection of the deen. It is said that when you are bothered by something, some of our sins are washed away. How beautiful is that?

After Shaykh Wael, we proceeded to Asr Prayer. Then, Shaykh Daood took over. He stated that we should always be patient when the trials from the Almighty comes. It is the key to paradise. How dare we think that we'll get to paradise without some sort of trials, anyway? 

If we think that we are in so much problems, let us think of the trials that were given to the prophets. Our trials are nothing compared to them. Then, we should pass each trial with a smile. In fact, the ayat in the Qur'an tells it all: Verily, after hardship comes relief. We only need to ask for help from the Almighty. Keep asking!

We all want ease. How would we attain that? When we are struck with trials, we should have the following:


No matter how big or small and difficult and easy the trial is, we should always be patient. Because Allah is testing us for our own good - for our jannah. 


We should not stop hoping for the mercy of Allaah because it is endless. As Muslims, we are bound to hope for the best. It is what keeps our iman in its zenith - the hope that we all see each other in jannah.


Allah's decree is inevitable. He controls everything. His qadr is beyond our control. Whatever Allah gives to us, we accept. It is that trust in Allah that makes you and I Muslims and believers. How can we believe, in the first place, if we don't believe? So, always keep that trust in Allah. Never let it tarnish because it is the only trust that won't break.

After the lectures was the most tear-jerking part of the event. It is indeed the most beautiful scene to witness the coming back to the one true religion of our brothers and sisters in humanity. What a wonderful feeling it is to be one of those who welcome them first into the religion. Ma shaa Allaah, I can still remember the feeling.

A mother of a revert also talked during the event. She took her shahada some time in September 2013. Ma shaa Allaah, her speech was touching. Mothers indeed love their children so much. She was one I was able to hug during Shaykh Wael's lecture. She was so lovely.

The event ended there. It was one of the events that I will really treasure in my heart.

Here are some photos from the event:

These really tasted great. It looks like those pastil from my place. haha
I also met some of the lovely people that I only get to talk to online. Ah, pure bliss!

Maya, my twin from another parents. A lot of people says that we really look alike. :) I found myself a sister. hehe

Jamila from Classic Crown Hijab who looked so lovely.

Of course, the event would not be complete without a photo with my love, Jasmeen. 

Till the next event. 

Btw, the Blue Mosque and Cultural Center in Taguig City is conducting a weekly seminar every Sunday after Asr (3 PM) at the mosque. The lecturer this Sunday is Ustadz Abdulrafih H. Sayedy, the former Dean of UP Institute of Islamic Studies.  

See you all there!

Photos from: Ahmad and Maya Crizel Dorado.

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