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Getting Ready For The Big Day with Colorful Wedding Gowns

Perhaps you are getting irked already by my posting of wedding dresses by now. Hahah. I am so sorry.  These dresses are some of the things that I fancy at this moment. So, let me finish with this latest fashion addiction first. I personally love looking at wedding videos. What make them more interesting of course are the wedding dresses and gowns worn by the bride herself and the guests. Most wedding dresses are white. However, there are those who wants a colorful wedding. So they deviate and make the color of their choice the motif and theme of their wedding. 

If you are one of those people, you'd definitely love the design and colors available in one of the lovely wedding sites I found - The wedding dress would never complete the whole look alone. We have to make sure that everything is perfect from head to toe. 

Of course, I know you want to hijabify everything. So, get those design sheets done for an inner sleeves or for lovely vests. After designing and creating the inner/vest, the looking for bridal veil is also crucial especially for Muslims. It is best to keep it simple yet elegant so that the attention is on the dress itself. It is also best that the bride will have a subtle makeup that will make her face look fresh and lovely for the big day. The shoes also have to be as comfortable as possible since she will most likely be standing and welcoming the guests in the reception after the wedding. 

Lovely gowns, right? I personally loved the first one since it in itself speaks for glamour, elegance and simplicity. The lace with flowers in front of the gown makes everything perfect without boasting so much details. For more of these colorful wedding gowns, please refer to this link:

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