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Let's Talk About Boots

I've always wanted to wear boots. But, as far as the Philippine climate is concerned, the only boots you'll be needing here are those ugly-looking plastics sold in the hardware which are mostly used for floods. However, just recently I came about some plastic boots that are fashionable and of course, well-branded. Even Kate Middleton wore the same booties sometime ago. I guess, I still can wear boots. It's not near impossible.

Hunter Wellies are these boots used by Kate Middleton. From the quality to the design, you'd never ask for more. Pairing these with a burberry cape would make the look sophisticated instantly. These boots will really protect your feet and legs from harmful objects along the way which makes them perfect for a camping, etc. I'd personally want a pair of wellies especially in a flood-prone area such as the Metro Manila. I will have both protection and fashion at the same time. 

I've been searching for stores that sells these boots. I've even looked high and low at Zalora, but I only found it at Country First Direct. Of course, there are other booties available in the latter store which will make you want to buy more because they sell the brands that we all know and want. 

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