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What is Your Childhood Dream?

We all have been through childhood. And we all know we have crazy ideas and dreams when we were so young. Being a child means that there is no limitation in dreaming. At this juncture of our lives, we may look at those dreams as silly and kind of impossible. But we are definitely wrong.

Today, I stumbled upon the talk of Mr Randy Pausch, a Professor at Carnegie Mellon. It was the most moving talk about achieving one's dream that I have ever watched. I would be so selfish if I do not share this with all of you. Give one hour of your time to what the video. Please. :)

The advice given at the end of the video by Mr Randy just hits the nail on what we should be doing to live a life that is more meaningful. 

As I watch the video, I brush up some of my childhood dreams. I remembered my mother said that I have always dreamt of becoming one of those cashiers you see in the department stores. And today, here I am, a CPA. I am not gonna be working upfront the cashier desk at your local grocery store. But, my work encompasses more than what you see those cashier ladies are doing. 

It can be funny when you remember what you really like to do but it can also be fulfilling to know that you have already achieved some of it.

What I learned from the talk is to never let go of that childish spirit in you. Hold on to your childhood dreams. Make your move. Be with the right people and do it for other people. Never complain. Do your best. Make it happen.

"Lead your life the right way. The karma will take care of itself. The dreams will come to you."

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