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Visiting My Hometown - Bongao Tawi-Tawi

It has been a whole lot while since I came home to Tawi-Tawi. I think, the last time that I visited this place was way back October 2010 for the semester break. After more than 3 years, a lot has changed in my place. 

Tall buildings, new department stores and plazas, great eating places, same old beautiful beaches, majestic Bud Bongao, welcoming people. Those were just few of the points that you'd check in your list for the visit to Bongao. Sadly, I was not able to go to the beach since the weather was really bad when we went there.

My highschool was one of the happiest moments in my life. Of course, I would always go back to my alma mater, MSU TCTO Preparatory High School, whenever I am in Bongao. I love that place. I love the people there. It is the place where I met the coolest and loving persons in my life. I am really glad I took my education there. :) 

Kaway-kaway to Sir Jigs, Ma'am Hamla, Ma'am Lorna, Ma'am Quijano, Sir Jabs, Sir Alawi and Sir Tadus who were so glad to see me.

In highschool, there was this panciteria (not the type that you'd imagine) that we all love. I was so happy that it was still there when we visited Prep High. Abuh Di still was so kind. And the hot sauce has still the same taste. Tho the pansit itself changed. But still, it was great.

I spent the days in Bongao with friends. My bestfriend, Jurfaida, adopted me the whole time I was there. T___T Thank so much, bez and also to your momma. I also stayed at my cousins. My friends were so kind to leave work to be with us. Ah. Thank you, people. You made my stay there super worth it. I enjoyed talking to all of you and coping with each others' lives. I think we all have grown so much in the most beautiful way.

It is always the best to go back to the place that molded and made you who you are today. There may be nostalgia, but the memories will make you even more humbled. 


  1. Glad to know you were able to visit again after three long years, babe. I can exactly tell how you feel.

    ps: you do realize Im jealous, right? haha

    1. we'll tour tawi-tawi, babe. dont worry. hahah


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