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The Corporate Hijabi Lookbook

I love corporate attires simply because they look so decent and tidy. They are also easily hijabified because most of our corpo attire use coats and loose pants.

I was so inspired that I came up with the following looks for my "The Corporate Hijabi Series" for my blog. I think, I will have more looks coming for this topic simply because I love it that much.

Here are the results of my mixing and matching today. I tried to look for the usual corporate coats but I could not find any. I will add more to the following collection soon.

Anyway, here are the looks.

The Glam Girl
The Corporate Hijabi 1

  1. Pink sequined long sleeves,
  2. Black slacks,
  3. Filippa K fringe scarve, 
  4. Studded purse, 
  5. Jimmy Choo black high heel pumps,

The Classy but Outgoing

The Corporate Hijabi 2

  1. Wunderkind belted trench coat, 
  2. Helmut Lang grey silk blouse,
  3. Gianvito Rossi pointed heel pumps, 
  4. Vivienne Westwood black wool pants,
  5. ONLY infinity loop scarve, 
  6. Fendi retro handbag,

The Original Classic

The Corporate Hijabi 3

(Sorry, no numbers on this one. I overlooked when I made this. T___T)
  1. Blue blazer, 
  2. Mango embellished tank top, 
  3. Monsoon velvet skirt, 
  4. Sergio Rossi pointy toe shoes, 
  5. Fendi pink leather purse, 
Which set did you like? :)

That's it for now. More to come real soon! 


  1. love them all! The classy but outgoing is perfect for f/w while the other two is for s/s!

    1. I can sport all of them sis no matter the season. I must. Hehe.

  2. I love THE GLAM GIRL set especially when you add that lovely scarf <3 So sophisticated!
    Nice style sweetie :)
    Keep 'em coming!

    1. Numbr 3 should have scarf din sis since i wear it all the time. ^__^

  3. Love all the set but my fave would be the Glam Girl. I think I can nail it ^_^

    1. I think so too sis. I love the last one tho.

  4. It's always nice to see the corporate look since it looks really decent and professional.

  5. Lovely set sis, mas gusto ko yung pangatlo. hihi. Can't wait to see you pull off the Original Classic Look :)

  6. Love all of them but if we're talking about something that I would wear, I'm definitely going to pick Set A which is Glam Girl. I like the classy but outgoing too, but I'm a bit too small and wearing a coat like that will be a nightmare. It wont look good, lol.

  7. OMG! I love it sis! Bagay na bagay to sayo!! reminds me of Yuna <3 :)

  8. nice picks on glam girl and original classic kai :) i love every piece included :D

  9. I'm slowly falling in love with the idea of wearing a hijabi <3 It just looks so clean plus it makes a woman stand out in a good way.

  10. I'm loving the blue trench coat. It's an instant conversation starter but since summer is upcoming, I don't know if people here can still rock it.

  11. I love the Glam Girl look, and I hope to see myself wearing something similar to that one of these days!


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